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BlueStar (formerly "BlueStar PR"), "The Jewish Ink Tank", is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization which produces "visual media that strengthens existing efforts to gain popular support and interest for Israel and Judaism." Blue Star creates and distributes pro-Israel posters, rally signs, postcards, and brochures. They also put up transit shelter ads and billboards. They also host Write On For Israel/San Francisco, a one-year program to training future Israel leaders and advocates. The program is available for high school students, college students, and adults.


Blue Star poster, 2008.
  • The Israel Project, a prominent Israel advocacy group based in DC, distributed close to 20,000 copies of our posters and DVDs during both the Democratic and Republican conventions, and a second campaign to media outlets, and frequently highlights our materials in their research on Israel messaging
  • StandWithUs, another prominent Israel advocacy group based in Los Angeles features a number of our fliers on their site and has paid for rally boards to counter anti-Israel protests
  • American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) the fifth largest Jewish lobbyist in Congress, displayed our materials during several State conventions to educate policy makers regarding Israel’s positive attributes
  • American Jewish Committee (AJC)
  • Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has cooperated with BlueStar to fight anti-semitism in San Francisco
  • San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) uses our posters, fliers and postcards to boost awareness for its JIMENA project and on campus;
  • The Greater Washington D.C. JCRC used our posters to promote its "Bluestring" Solidarity with Israel campaign
  • Israeli Consulates
  • Zionist Organization of America used our fliers and DVDs to promote Israel’s acceptance of gays and to highlight a gay Palestinian speaker’s Israel boosting talks in more than 25 campuses
  • More than 80 Congregations and Jewish day schools in North America
  • Countless Hillel organizations on more than 100 campuses used our posters and requested customized posters to support Jewish and Israeli causes and to protest anti-Israeli speaking events.[1]


BlueStar PR was founded in 2003, and was originally funded by the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund. [2] It has since changed its name to "BlueStar" and has become a non-profit organization which solicits donations.


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