Blue (soft drink)

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Blue (Refrigerante)
Type Soda
Manufacturer Refriango
Distributor Several
Country of origin Angola
Introduced 2005
Flavor Blue Pulp, Blue Passion Fruit, Blue Orange, Blue Coco Pineapple, BlueLemon-Lime, Blue Guarana, Blue Pineapple, Blue Apple,mBlue Tamarind and Blue Tropical Strawberry.

Blue is the mark of a soda juice fruit and vitamins sold in Angola. The drink is available in 10 flavors. Released in 2005 by Refriango company, the market leader in Angola, it was awarded the Gold Medal at the International Monde Selection Quality. The Blue brand is available in distinct flavors which other Angolan carbonated soft drinks do not use.[1]

The drink's slogan is "life is a feast".[2]


The refrigerant Blue has as ingredients: water carbo-sparkling, [sugar], fruit juice made from concentrate, an acidulent, [citric acid], antioxidant, [ascorbic acid], preservatives: E202 and E211, stabilizers: E445, E414 and E410, aroma and dyes: E110 and E124.

Average nutritional value for 100 ml[edit]

Energy: 179 Kcal Kj/42, lipids: 0.1 g of which saturated fatty acids 0g, carbohydrates: 10.5 g, of which sugars: 10.5 g fiber: 0.1 g protein: 0.1 g salt: 0.0008 g, vitamin C (15% VRN *) (*) reference value of the nutrient.


The blue is marketed in [Angola] in:

  • tr glass Bottles of 33cl;
  • Cans of 33cl;
  • Pet Bottles of 50cl;
  • PET Bottle 1.5l.

Variants of the mark[edit]

  • Blue Pulp - with pieces of fruit, orange and pineapple are the fruit that remain in the mouth (Launched in 2012)[3]
  • Blue Lemon-Lime
  • Blue [Orange] - with concentrated orange juice
  • Blue Passion fruit - With passion fruit juice concentrate
  • Blue Pineapple
  • Blue Tamarind
  • Blue Coco Pineapple
  • Blue Tropical Strawberry
  • Blue Apple
  • Blue Guarana[4]


In 2013, Blue received a gold medal from the International Competition of Quality, Monde Selection. The highest award is only awarded to products which are distinguished by their quality, prestige and innovation worldwide.[5][6]


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