Blue Angel Cafe

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Blue Angel Cafe
Blue Angel Cafe (1989 Film).jpg
Main promotional art by Enzo Sciotti
Blue Angel Cafe
Directed byJoe D'Amato
Written byDaniele Stroppa as Daniel Davis
Laurence Abby
StarringTara Buckman
Music byLuigi Ceccarelli as Pahamian
CinematographyJoe D'Amato
Edited byKathleen Stratton
Distributed byEsplanade Filmverleih
United Film Organization
Release date
  • August 18, 1989 (1989-08-18) (UK)
Running time
89 minutes

Blue Angel Cafe (Also known as: Object of Desire), is a 1989 Italian erotic film directed by Joe D'Amato.[1]


United States, late 1980s. When Raymond Derek, a young politician with a great career, a beautiful wife and an expensive home, encounters sexy cabaret singer Angie, he sees his life fall apart because the press finds out and it becomes front page news.



The film was released in United Kingdom on August 18, 1989[2]


In 1991, Video Watchdog called the film a "blasé potboiler" and derided the main character's nightclub act as "consist[ing] of only one boring "I'm-Down-And-Out-But-I'm-Fightin'-Back" number - delivered à la Minnelli in Dietrich duds".[3]

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