Blue Back Square

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Blue Back Square
Blue Back Square in West Hartford, Connecticut, August 10, 2008.jpg
Coordinates41°45′37″N 72°44′24″W / 41.760403°N 72.7400565°W / 41.760403; -72.7400565Coordinates: 41°45′37″N 72°44′24″W / 41.760403°N 72.7400565°W / 41.760403; -72.7400565
Address65 Memorial Road, West Hartford, CT 06107
ManagementStarwood Capital Group
OwnerStarwood Retail Partners

Blue Back Square is a mixed-use development and an example of New Urbanism, combining retail and residential space, which is located adjacent to West Hartford Center, in West Hartford, Connecticut. Talk of the new square started in 2003, with construction from late 2006 to early 2008. Blue Back Square was named after the Blueback Speller, by Noah Webster, who was once a West Hartford resident.


When the project was first introduced, controversy arose over the transfer of town land for the project as well as the issuance of bonds. Land that was proposed for transfer for the development included open space behind Town Hall and the former Board of Education building.[1] The town decided to have a referendum to settle the matter after a petition campaign was mounted to force a vote. In a two-question referendum, one on the issuance of bonds and the other regarding the land transfer, town residents approved the project, with about 60 percent in favor and 40 percent opposed.[1]



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