Blue Gate Crossing

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Blue Gate Crossing
Blue Gate Crossing film.jpg
Blue Gate Crossing DVD cover
Directed by Yee Chin-yen
Produced by Peggy Chiao
Hsu Hsiao-ming
Written by Yee Chin-yen
Starring Bolin Chen
Gwei Lun-Mei
Liang Shu-hui
Distributed by Arc Light Films
Strand Releasing
Release dates
27 September 2002 (Taiwan)
Running time
85 minutes
Country Taiwan
Language Mandarin

Blue Gate Crossing (Chinese: 藍色大門; pinyin: lánsè dà mén) is a 2002 Taiwanese film by writer-director Yee Chin-yen. It was nominated for Best Asian Film at the 23rd Hong Kong Film Awards held in 2004.[1]


  • Bolin Chen as Zhāng Shì Háo (張士豪)
  • Gwei Lun-mei as Mèng kè róu (孟克柔)
  • Liang You Lin as Lín Yuè Zhēn (林月珍)


The film has been well-received critically. Dennis Lim, in a review for the Village Voice, observed the film's "meticulous framing and haunting use of repeated motifs" reflects the influence of Taiwanese New Wave directors Hou Hsiao-hsien and Edward Yang.[2] The Portland Mercury described the film as "a modern-day Chinese lesbo twist on the old Cyrano story" that "treads new territory in the teen coming of age drama realm," praising Yee's "haiku-like directorial lyricism." [3]


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