Blue Hole (New Jersey)

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Blue Hole
Location Gloucester County, New Jersey and Camden County, New Jersey
Coordinates 39°37′35″N 74°53′45″W / 39.626495°N 74.895971°W / 39.626495; -74.895971Coordinates: 39°37′35″N 74°53′45″W / 39.626495°N 74.895971°W / 39.626495; -74.895971
Basin countries United States
Max. width 70 ft (21 m)

The Blue Hole is located in the Pinelands of Monroe Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey and Winslow Township, Camden County, New Jersey. It is a clear blue body of water situated in the middle of a dense forest, with many similar such lakes in its immediate vicinity. The water has warm and cold spots, averaging 58 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The color is very unusual, as most lakes and ponds in the area are brownish due to large deposits of bog iron and the presence of tannic acid. The Blue Hole is circular and about 70 feet (21 m) across. In the 1930s, the Blue Hole was a popular party and swimming spot. A wooden footbridge over the Great Egg Harbor River that once made the Hole easily accessible was wiped out by a storm in the 1960s; now it can only be reached on foot.

A number of legends exist: that it is bottomless with powerful currents, that the water is freezing cold year-round, and that the Jersey Devil is active in the area.

After people became afraid of it, the blue hole was largely abandoned. Perhaps farmers and families in the area warned children against going to the Blue Hole because the Jersey Devil lived there, and it would hurt or steal them. Locals still go to the area and use it as a party spot. There are many other 'blue holes' in the immediate vicinity, as well as quicksand and other seasonal ponds and lakes that form from springs seeping from high water table levels.

At its deepest point, the Blue Hole is 9.9 feet deep.[1] The bottom appears to consist of mud rather than sand. Swimming and diving in the Blue Hole are both illegal.[2]

Films based on the Legend[edit]

  • Jersey Odysseys: Legend of the Blue Hole - Short horror film directed and written by James Rolfe, who is also the creator, writer, director, producer and main star of the Angry Video Game Nerd. It was originally supposed to be the pilot episode for a web series based on urban legends and myths of New Jersey, but James got caught up with his Angry Video Game Nerd series when it went very popular, and he didn't have the time to shoot any new episodes. He, however, claims that he still wants to revisit the series and produce more someday.

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