Blue Human Condition

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Blue Human Condition
ArtistMark Chatterley
Year2014 (2014)
LocationAdrian, Michigan, United States
Coordinates41°53′59.5″N 84°02′13.7″W / 41.899861°N 84.037139°W / 41.899861; -84.037139Coordinates: 41°53′59.5″N 84°02′13.7″W / 41.899861°N 84.037139°W / 41.899861; -84.037139

Blue Human Condition, also known as The Orgy Statue, is an outdoor sculpture by Mark Chatterley, located in Adrian, Michigan, in the United States.[1] The city-approved sculpture was revealed in April 2014 near Adrian City Hall. Immediately following its unveiling, residents expressed concern over the sculpture. It was relocated to a less visible area of a park.[1]

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