Blue Lake Records

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Blue Lake Records
Founded 1954
Founder Al Benson
Defunct 1956 (1956)
Status inactive
Genre Blues, jazz, doo-wop, gospel
Country of origin United States
Location Chicago, Illinois

Blue Lake was a Chicago-based record label founded in 1954 by disc jockey Al Benson. It specialized in blues, doo-wop, jazz, and gospel. A subsidiary of Benson's Parrot operation, it lasted until mid-1956. Many of the Blue Lake recordings were acquired by Chess Records.


  • Blue Lake 101 Red Saunders and his Orchestra - "Summertime" b/w "Riverboat"
  • Blue Lake 102 Joe Williams - "In the Evening" b/w "Tired of Moving"
  • Blue Lake 103 Ann Carter - "You Oughta Quit It" b/w "Lovin' Daddy Blues"
  • Blue Lake 104 King Fleming's Quintette - "One O'Clock Jump" b/w "William's Blues" (featured vocalist: Lorez Alexandria)
  • Blue Lake 105 Sunnyland Slim - "Going Back to Memphis" b/w "Devil Is a Busy Man"
  • Blue Lake 106 Baby Boy Warren - "Mattie Mae" b/w "Santa Fe"
  • Blue Lake 107 Sunnyland Slim - "Shake It Baby" b/w "Bassology"
  • Blue Lake 108 Lou Mac - "Come Back Little Daddy" b/w "Hard to Get Along With" (real name: Lou McClinton)
  • Blue Lake 109 Walter Spriggs - "I'm Not Your Fool Anymore" b/w "Week End Man"
  • Blue Lake 111 The Maples / Von Freeman Combo - "99 Guys" b/w "I Must Forget You"
  • Blue Lake 112 The Fascinators - "Can't Stop" b/w "Don't Give My Love Away"
  • Blue Lake 113 Little Willy Foster - "Falling Rain Blues" b/w "Four Day Jump" (also released on Parrot 813)
  • Blue Lake 114 Lou Mac - "Slow Down" b/w "Baby"
  • Blue Lake 115 The Five Chances - "Shake-a-Link" b/w "All I Want"
  • Blue Lake 116 Little Papa Joe - "Looking for My Baby" b/w "Easy Lovin'"
  • Blue Lake 117 Lu Mac - "I'll Never Let Him Know" b/w "Albert Is His Name"
  • Blue Lake 118 Leon Tarver - "Somebody Help Me" b/w "Oh Baby I'm Blue"
  • Blue Lake 119 Lou Mac - "Move Me" b/w "Take Your Trouble to a Friend"
  • Blue Lake 1001 Veteran Singers - "Give It Up" b/w "The Old Account Was Settled" (also released on Parrot 1001)

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