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Spanische Legion of Volunteers (span.)
Legión Española de Voluntarios
Spanish Volunteer Legion
Blue Legion
Active November 17, 1943 – April 12, 1944
Country  Spain
Allegiance  Germany
Branch Balkenkreuz.svg Heer
Type Infantry
Size • 2.133 troops
Nickname(s) Legión Azul

World War II

Francoist Spain Miguel Ezquerra

The Blue Legion (Spanish: Legión Azul, German: Blaue Division, officially called the Legión Española de Voluntarios) was a volunteer legion created from 2,133 Falangist volunteers who remained behind at the Eastern Front after most of the Spanish Blue Division was repatriated in March 1944 because Francisco Franco had started negotiations with the western Allies. It officially consisted of two battalions. It was later estimated that the legion grew to over 3,000 Spaniards.

The 101st company Spanische-Freiwilligen Kompanie der SS 101 of 140 men, composed of four rifle platoons and one staff platoon, was attached to 28th SS Volunteer Grenadier Division Wallonien and fought in Pomerania and Brandenburg province. Later, as part of 11th SS Volunteer Panzergrenadier Division Nordland and under command of Hauptsturmführer der SS Miguel Ezquerra, it fought during the last days of the war against Soviet troops in the Battle of Berlin.[1]

The troops bore the word ESPAÑA and a red/yellow/red horizontally striped shield worn on the upper right arm, and a helmet decal.

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