Blue Monday (band)

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Blue Monday
Origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Genres Punk
Years active 2001 (2001)–2006 (2006)
Labels Bridge 9

Blue Monday (2001–2006) was a Vancouver hardcore punk band.[1]


Blue Monday was formed by guitarist Willy Beanbag and vocalist Dave Mac in the spring of 2001. After securing a drummer and bassist the band proceeded to write an 8-song demo which came out in early 2002. After a few short tours down the west coast Blue Monday entered the studio again in the Summer of 2002 and recorded the War Wounds 7" EP which came out in early 2003 on now defunct For The Core Records from California.

In 2003, the original bassist and drummer had left the Blue Monday within the first 6 months of the year. With these departures Adam Mitchell and Jason Kehoe joined on bass and drums respectively. Adam's brother Daved join at the end of 2003. In the summer of 2003 Blue Monday released their second EP What's Done Is Done on Stab And Kill Records from Boston MA. Following this record Blue Monday spent the rest of 2003 and the bulk of 2004 touring. Their toured with fellow hardcore bands such as Mental, Desperate Measures, Far From Breaking, Lights Out, Final Word, Internal Affairs, The Distance, and Allegiance during this time.

What's Done Is Done and the subsequent touring brought Blue Monday to the attention of seminal modern hardcore label Bridge Nine Records who signed them after playing the now defunct Summer Hardcore Festival Posi Numbers in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. In December Blue Monday entered Atomic Studios in Brooklyn New York and recorded their debut full length for Bridge Nine with Dean Baltulonis.

With the release of Rewritten in the spring of 2005 Blue Monday toured with label mates Champion and Terror and completing a full US tour with bands Go It Alone and Allegiance. In October 2005 Blue Monday headed to Europe to tour again with Go It Alone.


  • Dave Mac — vocals
  • Willy Beanbag— guitar
  • Dave Mitchell — guitar
  • Jason Kehoe — drums
  • Adam Mitchell — bass

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