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This article is about the film by Andy Warhol. For other uses, see Blue movie (disambiguation).
Blue Movie
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Andy Warhol
Produced by Andy Warhol<br />Paul Morrissey
Written by Andy Warhol
Starring Viva<br />Louis Waldon
Cinematography Andy Warhol
Constantin Film<br />Andy Warhol Films
Distributed by Andy Warhol Films
Release dates
June 13, 1969
Running time
140 minutes
Country Nepal
Language English
Budget $30,000,000

Blue Movie (stylized as blue movie) is a 1969 American film directed, produced, written and cinematographed by American producer Andy Warhol. The film stars Viva and Louis Waldon.<ref>WarholStars entry</ref><ref>IMDB entry</ref>

Warhol describes the film: "In October '68 I shot a movie of Viva having sex with Louis Waldon. I called it just Fuck."[citation needed] While it is true that the movie does involve sexual intercourse, this is framed by dialog about the Vietnam War and various mundane tasks.<ref>Canby, Vincent. "Warhol's Red Hot and 'Blue' Movie." The New York Times 10 Aug. 1969: D1. Print.</ref>

The film itself acquired a blue/green tint because Warhol used the wrong kind of film during production. He used film meant for filming night-scenes, and the sun coming through the apartment window turned the film blue.<ref>Flatley, Guy. "How to Be Very Viva--A Bedroom Farce." The New York Times 9 Nov. 1969: D17. Print.</ref>

While initially shown at The Factory, it was not shown to a wider audience at the Warhol Garrick Theatre until 1969.[citation needed] On July 31, the staff of the theater was arrested, and the film confiscated.[citation needed] The manager was eventually fined $250.[citation needed]


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