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Blue Panorama Airlines
Blue Panorama Airlines logo
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded3 September 1998
Operating bases
Fleet size16
HeadquartersFiumicino, Rome, Italy
Key peopleLuca Patanè, President

Blue Panorama Airlines S.p.A. is an Italian airline headquartered in Fiumicino operating scheduled and charter flights from Italy – especially Rome-Fiumicino and Milan-Malpensa – to various international destinations.[4] Blu-express is the brand name for low-cost short and medium range flights operated by Blue Panorama.[5] Additional business charter flights are operated under the name Executive Blue.[6]


Blue Panorama Airlines[edit]

Blue Panorama is a private Italian airline operating intercontinental, international, and national charter and scheduled flights.[5][7] It was founded in Rome in 1998 by Franco Pecci,[4] and has been an IATA member since 2002 (IATA code BV).[8][9] Since 2005, Blue Panorama Airlines' Boeing 737 fleet has operated national and international flights for the Blu-Express low-cost division.[10]

In January 2012, Alitalia declared interest in a merger with Blue Panorama, as well as with Wind Jet, another Italian airline.[11][12][13][14][15][16] In April 2012 Alitalia decided not to proceed with the acquisitions.[17][18] In October 2012, Blue Panorama entered bankruptcy protection.[19][20] This license gave the airline the ability to restructure itself.[21][22][23] On 25 November 2013, Blu-express started flights from Italy to Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza after Belle Air ceased operations there.[24][25]

In January 2014, Blue Panorama Airlines requested to be admitted to extraordinary administration procedure and the abandonment of the composition procedure in continuity.[26] The management of the airline is left to the company's founder. Blue Panorama confirmed that company business and flights are fully operational.[27]

Luke Air[edit]

In October 2019, the airline announced it would be changing its name to Luke Air by the end of 2019, revealing a new yellow-blue livery on an Airbus A330-200 which is due to be delivered.[28] On 7 March 2020, the first A330-200 was delivered. However, the rebranding has yet to take place.


Codeshare agreements[edit]

Blue Panorama Airlines codeshares with the following airlines:


Blue Panorama Boeing 737-400
Blue Panorama Boeing 767-300ER

As of June 2020, the Blue Panorama fleet includes the following aircraft:[30]

Blue Panorama Airlines fleet
Aircraft In service Orders Passengers Notes
C Y Total
Airbus A330-200 1 2[28] Taken over from Qatar Airways[28]
Boeing 737-300 1 148 148 I-BPAG Stored
Boeing 737-400 3 168 168 All on storage
Boeing 737-800 8 189 189
Boeing 767-300ER 2 12 258 270 To be replaced by Airbus A330-200s[28]
Both Stored
Total 15 2


For several years, it has been the policy of Blue Panorama Airlines to charge significant fees to passengers for minor name changes.[31] In most airports where it operates, the company charges passengers €50 to €80 to have their middle names added on their boarding pass.[32]

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Accidents and incidents[edit]

  • On 16 July 2004, a Boeing 767 operating as flight 1504 experienced an uncontained engine failure on takeoff from Rome-Fiumucino Airport. The plane successfully returned after conducting an emergency landing. Further investigation revealed that a high pressure fuel hose leaked approximately 700 kilograms of fuel into the engine's nacelle during taxi, which later ignited upon takeoff.[34][35]
  • On 22 September 2018, a Blue Panorama Spanish pilot, Emilio Leone, was arrested by Albanian police as his colleagues reported him for trying to fly the aircraft intoxicated.[36]


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