Blue Phoenix

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Blue Phoenix
RTAF Blue Phoenix.JPG
Active2012 - present
Country Thailand
BranchRoyal Thai Air Force
RoleAerobatic display team
SizeFive Pilots
Garrison/HQFlying Training School, Kamphaeng Saen Air Force Base
ColorsRed, White and Blue
Aircraft flown
TrainerFive Pilatus PC-9s

Blue Phoenix are the first ever formed Royal Thai Air Force Aerobatic Team, which fly five blue, white and red painted Pilatus PC-9 aircraft, all fitted with white smoke generators. The team is a part of Flying Training School RTAF Squadron based at Nakhon Pathom's Kamphaeng Saen Air Force Base, and so the pilots are instructors from the same squadron. Blue Phoenix inheriting the aerobatic flying spirit from their former very own aerobatic team of the RTAF Flying School called “Sean Mueang” that was disbanded several decades ago.[1]

RTAF use the immortal phoenix bird to represent the spirit of aviation of RTAF to remember the work of RTAF founding father work gave the birth of aviation in Thailand. It is also a symbol of the rebirth of aerobatic team of RTAF.

The team was formed in the beginning of 2012 to mark the 100th anniversary of Thai Aviation. The team made their first public display on Children's Day 2012 at Don Mueang Force Air Base. Other performances are expected in April and June, but the main show will take place on July 2 at Don Mueang Air Base for the Centennial of the RTAF Founding Fathers' Aviation celebrations.

Blue Phoenix first made debuted at RTAF Flying School on 27 March 2012 as a part of the launch event of the 100th anniversary of Royal Thai Air Force founding father of Aviation. After that making the tour to Chiang Mai and Udon Thani before participated the main event of 100th anniversary of Royal Thai Air Force founding father of Aviation in Don Mueang, Bangkok.

Blue Phoenix expected to perform in RTAF Children’s Day show in Don Mueang and Kamphaengsaen every second Saturday of January every years.


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