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The Blue Range (50°48′11″N 115°32′06″W / 50.80306°N 115.53500°W / 50.80306; -115.53500 (Blue Range)) is a mountain range of the Canadian Rockies, located on the Continental Divide in Banff National Park, Canada.[1] The range was so named on account of its blueish colour when viewed from afar.[2] Mount Byng is the highest point in the range.[3]

This range includes the following mountains and peaks:

Mountain/Peak metres feet
Mount Byng 2,965 9,728
Red Man Mountain 2,905 9,531
Mount Turner 2,806 9,206
Aurora Mountain 2,789 9,151
Mount Currie 2,770 9,088
Marvel Peak 2,708 8,885


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