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Blue Riband may refer to:

Blue Riband may be used to describe the most prestigious race or sub-category in or of a particular sport.

In the summer Olympics, they currently are:

  • In athletics, the men's 100 m running and traditionally also the men's 1500 m (or mile).
  • In rowing, the Men's Eights, raced over 2000 m.
  • In swimming, 100 m freestyle.

Examples in other sports/events:

  • In cycling the blue riband is the Tour de France.
  • In kayaking and canoeing championships the blue riband race is the men's K1 1000 m.
  • In rowing, at Henley Royal Regatta, the blue riband event is the Grand Challenge Cup, for Men's Eights, usually competed by National Squad eights.
  • In motorsport, the Monaco Grand Prix remains the blue riband race on the Formula One motor-racing calendar due to its historical significance, tight and difficult nature, and glamorous location.
  • In a Musical Eisteddfod, the blue riband is the most prestigious singing prize awarded to classical soloists.

In addition the term has become synonymous with premium quality or prestige outside of the sporting arena, particularly in the USA. However the contemporary version blue ribbon is more prevalent in this context.

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