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In the Australian Football League, many teams contest trophies or individual awards on an annual or regular basis in individual premiership matches during the home-and-away season. Many of these awards honour a legend or legends of the competing clubs, or are used as part of events to support a charitable cause.

This list covers recurring trophies or awards in home-and-away matches of the AFL season. Not included are once-off awards, or awards presented in representative or finals matches.

Winning team trophy Individual medal Teams First awarded Details
Alec Campbell Cup Frank McDonald Medal Hawthorn vs various 2009 Cup named in honour of Australia's last surviving Gallipoli veteran Alec Campbell, and the best on ground medal named in honour of Australia's last surviving decorated World War I veteran Frank MacDonald. Both awards were originally contested during the early 2000s in Anzac Day round home matches by the Tasmania VFL team; since 2009, after Tasmania folded, Hawthorn has contested the cup annually on or around Anzac Day in a match in Tasmania.[1]
Barker–Whitten Challenge Plate St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs 1997 Named in honour of club legends Trevor Barker (St Kilda) and Ted Whitten (Footscray) and established in 1997, shortly after the deaths from cancer of both men. The match is played in support of the Trevor Barker Foundation, the EJ Whitten Foundation and Challenge, all three of which are foundations supporting cancer research and patients.[2]
Berry Street Cup Melbourne vs Richmond 1986 Contested in support of Berry Street, a children and family welfare organisation.[3]
beyondblue Cup Hawthorn vs Geelong (2006–2012)
Hawthorn vs various (2013-pres)
2006 Supporting and raising awareness for depression and anxiety through beyondblue. Then-Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett was chairman of beyondblue at the time of the first contest.[4]
Blue Ribbon Cup Silk-Miller Medal Hawthorn vs St Kilda 1999 Played in support of the Victorian Police Blue Ribbon Foundation. The matches are played, and the best on ground medal is named, in honour of police officers Gary Silk and Rodney Miller, who were killed in the line of duty in August 1998.[5][6]
Western Derby Trophy Glendinning-Allan Medal Fremantle vs West Coast (Western Derby) 2001 Best on ground medal has been presented since 2001 and was originally named the 'Ross Glendinning Medal, named solely after Western Australian footballer Ross Glendinning. In 2018 the medal was renamed the Glendinning-Allan Medal to recognise the inaugural captains of both clubs. The winner's trophy was known as the Carlton Mid Derby Trophy under a sponsorship deal from 2001 to 2017.[7]
EJ Whitten Cup Western Bulldogs vs Essendon 1995 Contested at each match between the teams. Named in honour of Footscray legend Ted Whitten.[8]
HMAS Sydney II Trophy Sydney vs West Coast 2010 Named in honour of the World War II cruiser named HMAS Sydney which was sunk in battle in 1941.[9]
Jack Dyer–Lou Richards Trophy Richmond vs Collingwood 2004 Named in honour of club legends Jack Dyer (Richmond) and Lou Richards (Collingwood).
Kevin Sheedy Cup Yiooken Award Essendon vs Richmond 2005 Contested at the annual Dreamtime at the 'G match. Named in honour of former Richmond player and then-Essendon coach Kevin Sheedy.[10] The best on ground award, awarded since 2006, is named for the Woiwurrung word for 'dreaming'.[11]
Madden Cup Carlton vs Essendon 1998 Named in honour of brothers Simon Madden (378 games for Essendon) and Justin Madden (45 games for Essendon and 287 games for Carlton). Contested once per year, with home team alternating.[12]
Marn Grook Trophy Essendon vs Sydney 2002 Named in honour of the historical Aboriginal game Marn Grook, often considered to be an ancestor of modern Australian rules football.[13]
Peter Mac Cup Collingwood vs Carlton 1993 Played in support of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Once shared between the two clubs' home matches, but since 2009 always contested at Collingwood home games against Carlton.
Prime Minister's Cup Greater Western Sydney vs various 2012 Played at one of Greater Western Sydney's home matches in Canberra. The first two cups were played between GWS and Western Bulldogs – of which then-Prime Minister Julia Gillard was the number-one ticket holder – and the opponent has varied in fixtures since the end of Gillard's term.[14]
QClash Trophy Marcus Ashcroft Medal Brisbane Lions vs Gold Coast (QClash) 2011 Awarded to the best on ground in all QClash matches. Named in honour of Queensland native Marcus Ashcroft, who played with Brisbane and was an assistant coach at Gold Coast.[15]
Richard Pratt Cup Richard Pratt Medal Carlton vs Collingwood 2009 Contested at Carlton home games against Collingwood. Played in support of the Pratt Foundation, and first played after the death in April 2009 of former Carlton president Richard Pratt. [16] The Richard Pratt Medal, first presented in 2012, is awarded to the player adjudged best on ground between the two teams.
Robert Rose Cup Bob Rose–Charlie Sutton Medal Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs 2000 Played in support of the Robert Rose Foundation, which supports Victorians with spinal cord injuries, and named in honour of former Collingwood and Footscray player Robert Rose, who was paralysed in a car accident.[17]
Since 2007, the Rose-Sutton medal is awarded to the player who displays the most courage, skill, leadership and sportsmanship in the match; this is named after Bob Rose (Robert's father, of Collingwood) and Charlie Sutton (Footscray), who were both known for these attributes.[18]
R. D. Barassi Trophy Carlton vs Melbourne 1965 Named in honour of Ron Barassi, Jr., who played with both clubs. The trophy was first presented in 1965, the year after Barassi transferred from Melbourne to Carlton.[19]
Showdown Trophy Showdown Medal Adelaide vs Port Adelaide (Showdown) 1997 The best on ground award has been presented since 2000 to the best on ground Showdown matches. For Showdown XXXIX only, the medal was renamed the Phil Walsh Medal in honour of the late Adelaide coach Phil Walsh, who was murdered earlier in the month in which this particular Showdown took place.[20]
Simpson–Henderson Trophy St Kilda vs various 2013 Awarded to the winning team of St Kilda's home match in Wellington, New Zealand on Anzac Day. Named in honour of Australian John Simpson Kirkpatrick and New Zealander Richard Alexander Henderson, both known for carrying wounded soldiers from World War I battlefields on donkeys.[21]
Westpac Community Cup Collingwood vs Adelaide 2010 Played in support of a different community volunteer causes each year (past causes have included the Country Fire Authority and Surf Lifesavers of Victoria and South Australia.[22][23]
Western Victoria Cup Geelong vs Western Bulldogs 2004 Sponsored by Origin Energy.[24]
White Ribbon Trophy Brett Kirk Medal Greater Western Sydney vs Sydney (Sydney Derby) 2012 Played in support of the White Ribbon Campaign against violence towards women.[25] The best on ground medals is named in honour of New South Wales native and former Sydney captain Brett Kirk.[26]
Anzac Medal Collingwood vs Essendon 1995 Awarded to the player displaying the most courage, skill, self-sacrifice and teamwork in the Anzac Day clash between Essendon and Collingwood. First awarded in 2000, then later awarded retrospectively back to 1995.[27]
Archer-Hird Medal Essendon vs North Melbourne 2008 Awarded to the player displaying the most courage and determination in the first match between the teams each season. Named in honour of Glenn Archer (North Melbourne) and James Hird (Essendon), who were both known for their courage. Not awarded since 2013.[28]
David Parkin Medal Carlton vs Hawthorn 2003 Awarded to the best on ground in an annual match between the teams each season. Named in honour of former Hawthorn premiership player and premiership coach of both clubs David Parkin.[29]
Ian Stewart Medal Richmond vs St Kilda 2004 Awarded to the best on ground in an annual match between the teams each season. Named in honour of former St Kilda and Richmond player Ian Stewart, who won Brownlow Medals and premierships with both clubs.[30]
Jason McCartney Medal Collingwood vs North Melbourne 2003 Awarded to the player displaying the most courage and determination in a match between the teams each season. Named in honour of North Melbourne and Collingwood player Jason McCartney, who survived the 2002 Bali bombings.[31]. Not awarded since 2013.
Len Hall Anzac Medal Fremantle vs various 1996 Awarded to the player displaying the most courage, teamwork and self-sacrifice in Fremantle's match during the Anzac Day Round.[32] The match is named in honour of Western Australia's last surviving Gallipoli veteran, Len Hall (1897–1999), and the game is known as the Len Hall Tribute Game.[33]
Peter Badcoe VC Medal Port Adelaide vs various 2004 Awarded to the player displaying the most courage, teamwork and self-sacrifice in Port Adelaide's match during the Anzac Day Round. Named in honour of South Australian Vietnam War hero Major Peter Badcoe.[34]
Neale Daniher Trophy Melbourne vs Collingwood 2015 Awarded to the player adjudged best-on-ground during the annual Queen's Birthday clash between the clubs. Named in honour of former Melbourne coach Neale Daniher.[35]
Tom Wills Medal Essendon vs Geelong 2017 Awarded to the player adjudged best-on-ground during the annual Country Game between the clubs. Named in honour of Australian football founder Tom Wills.[36]


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