Blue Squadron

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15. Spanische Staffel
Blue Division
Active June 24, 1941 – October 10, 1943
Country  Spain
Allegiance  Germany
Branch Balkenkreuz (Iron Cross) Luftwaffe
Role Fighter Squadron
Part of Jagdgeschwader 27.svg JG 27
JG 51 Emblem.png JG 51
Aircraft flown
Bomber Ju 52
Hs 123
Ju 88 (proposed)
Fighter Fw 190
Bf 109
Messerschmitt Bf 109F-2 of the Escuadrilla Azul, 15.(span.)/Jagdgeschwader 51, Winter 1942/1943

The Blue Squadron[1] (Spanish: Escuadrilla Azul, German: 15. Spanische Staffel) was a generic name given to the group of volunteer pilots and ground crews recruited from the Spanish Air Force that fought in the side of Germany on the Eastern Front, during the Second World War. The "Blue Patrol" was a counterpart offered by Franco to Nazi Germany for its help with the Condor Legion during the Spanish Civil War.

Between September 1941 and May 1943 five Spanish squadrons rotated through the Eastern Front, attached to Luftwaffe fighter wings Jagdgeschwader 27 and Jagdgeschwader 51.[2]

Flying Messerschmitt fighters and Focke-Wulf fighter-bombers, the Spaniards were credited with destroying more than 160 Soviet aircraft in nearly two years, while losing 20 pilots killed, missing, or captured.[3][4] The unit remained in central Russia, despite requests by Muñoz Grandes that they be attached to the Blue Division, until their withdrawal in 1943.[5]


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