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Blue Thumb Records
Parent company Universal Music Group
Founded 1968
Founder Bob Krasnow, Tommy LiPuma, Don Graham
Status Inactive/Defunct
Distributor(s) Hip-O Records
Genre Various
Country of origin United States

Blue Thumb Records was an American record label founded in 1968 by Bob Krasnow, along with former A&M Records executives Tommy LiPuma and Don Graham.


Bob Krasnow had been in the record business for a number of years, working as a promotion man for King Records and also working for Buddah/Kama Sutra Records. Blue Thumb was originally intended to be the name of Captain Beefheart's band, but Krasnow did not think the name was right for the group. However, he chose the name for his label.

Acts that appeared on the label include Beefheart, The Credibility Gap, The Crusaders, Hugh Masekela, Sam Lay, Sylvester, Southwind, Robbie Basho, Tom Rapp, Aynsley Dunbar's Retaliation (licensed from UK Liberty Records), Modereko, Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks, Jimmy Smith, Dave Mason, The Pointer Sisters, T. Rex (in its earlier incarnation as Tyrannosaurus Rex, licensed from the UK's Regal Zonophone Records), Ike & Tina Turner, Love, Gábor Szabó, Mark-Almond, and National Lampoon (on the Banana label imprint).

Blue Thumb originally used independent distribution, but went to Capitol/EMI for distribution in late 1970. Gulf and Western's Famous Music Group took over distribution in mid-1971, then bought the label outright in 1972. Late in 1974, the Famous Music record labels were sold to ABC Records. ABC kept Blue Thumb active for a time, mostly for albums by the Pointer Sisters and the Crusaders as well as some reissues. In 1979 ABC sold its labels to MCA Records, which discontinued the Blue Thumb imprint altogether.

In the United Kingdom and Europe, Blue Thumb releases were licensed to Harvest Records (also owned by EMI) from 1969 to 1971, and to Island Records thereafter.

The label was revived in 1995 for blues and soft rock releases. This remained so, even after the 1998 merger with parent Universal Music Group and PolyGram and being put under the fold of the Verve Music Group, continuing to be Verve's imprint for non-jazz releases. In early 2005, the Blue Thumb imprint was deactivated and was replaced with Verve Forecast to handle such releases. UMG's reissue arm Hip-O Records has reissued several Blue Thumb recordings, including such acts as the Crusaders, Dan Hicks & his Hot Licks and the Pointer Sisters.


Catalog Album Artist Notes
BTS 1 Strictly Personal Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
BTS 2 An Album of Political Pornography Irwin, LewLew Irwin & The Credibility Gap
BTS 3 Original and Authentic Recordings by the Great W.C. Fields Fields, W.C.W.C. Fields
BTS 4 The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation Dunbar, AynsleyAynsley Dunbar Retaliation
BTS 5 Outta Season Ike & Tina Turner
BTS 6 Doctor Dunbar's Prescription Dunbar, AynsleyAynsley Dunbar Retaliation
BTS 7 Unicorn Tyrannosaurus Rex
BTS 8 Truckin' with Albert Collins Collins, AlbertAlbert Collins Reissue of The Cool Sounds of Albert Collins (TCF Hall, 1965)
BTS 9 Coming Home Chicago Blue Stars Personnel includes Charlie Musselwhite, Fred Roulette, Louis Myers, Skip Rose, Jack Myers and Fred Below
BTS 10 Venus in Cancer Basho, RobbieRobbie Basho
BTS 11 The Hunter Ike & Tina Turner
BTS 12 Sweet Black Angel Hooker, EarlEarl Hooker
BTS 13 Ready to Ride Southwind
BTS 14 Sam Lay in Bluesland Lay, SamSam Lay's Bluesband
BTS 15 Clifton Chenier's Very Best Chenier, CliftonClifton Chenier
BTS 16 To Mum From Aynsley and the Boys Dunbar, AynsleyAynsley Dunbar Retaliation
BTS 17 Alegria! Bossa Rio
BTS 18 A Beard of Stars Tyrannosaurus Rex
BTS 19 Alone Together Mason, DaveDave Mason
BTS 20 Buddy and the Juniors Guy, BuddyBuddy Guy, Junior Mance & Junior Wells
BTS 21 A Bad Donato Donato, JoãoJoão Donato
BTS 22 False Start Love
BTS 23 Magical Connection Szabó, GáborGábor Szabó
BTS 24
BTS 25 Dave Mason & Cass Elliot Mason, DaveDave Mason and Cass Elliot
BTS 26 What a Place to Land Southwind
BTS 27 Mark-Almond Mark-Almond
BTS 28 High Contrast Szabó, GáborGábor Szabó featuring Bobby Womack
BTS 29 Where's the Money? Hicks, DanDan Hicks & His Hot Licks
BTS 30 Recorded Live at Bimbo's, San Francisco Pierce, CharlesCharles Pierce
BTS 31 Naturally Hill, JessieJessie Hill
BTS 32 Mark-Almond II Mark-Almond
BTS 33 How Are Things in Your Town? Nordine, KenKen Nordine 2LP Compilaton of material previously released on Dot Records
BTS 34 Headkeeper Mason, DaveDave Mason
BTS 35 Crazed Hipsters Finningan & Wood
BTS 36 Striking It Rich Hicks, DanDan Hicks & His Hot Licks
BTS 37 Luis Gasca Gasca, LuisLuis Gasca aka For Those Who Chant
Banana BTS 38 Radio Dinner National Lampoon
BTS 39 Chastisement Last Poets, TheThe Last Poets
BTS 40 I Lead a Life Sidran, BenBen Sidran
BTS 41 Space Is the Place Sun Ra
BTS 42 The Barbeque of Deville Hoodoo Rhythm Devils
BTS 43 Private Tonight Adams, ArthurArthur Adams
BTS 44 Stardancer Rapp, TomTom Rapp
BTS 45 Sylvester and the Hot Band Sylvester and the Hot Band
BTS 46 Singing/Playing Carlton, LarryLarry Carlton
BTS 47 Supermellow Humphrey, PaulPaul Humphrey
BTS 48 The Pointer Sisters Pointer Sisters, TheThe Pointer Sisters
BTS 49 The Best of Ike & Tina Turner Ike & Tina Turner Compilation
BTS 50 The Best of Mark-Almond Mark-Almond Compilation
BTS 51 Last Train to Hicksville... The Home of Happy Feet Hicks, DanDan Hicks & His Hot Licks
BTS 52 At Last Last Poets, TheThe Last Poets
BTS 53
BTS 54 Dave Mason is Alive! Mason, DaveDave Mason
BTS 55 Puttin' in Time on Planet Earth Sidran, BenBen Sidran
BTS 56 Sunforest Rapp, TomTom Rapp / Pearls Before Swine
BTS 57 What the Kids Want Hoodoo Rhythm Devils
BTS 58 Can I Have My Money Back? Rafferty, GerryGerry Rafferty Reissue of Transatlantic Records album
BTS 59 Lovin' Feelin' Upchurch, PhilPhil Upchurch
BTS 60 Bazaar Sylvester & The Hot Band
BTS 61 Face to Face Pace, EvanEvan Pace
BTS 62 Introducing Hedzoleh Sounds Masekela, HughHugh Masekela
BTS 63 Butts Band Butts Band Featuring Robby Krieger and John Densmore
BTS 64 Aim for the Highest Aim
BTS 65
BTS 66 America, Wake Up Humphrey, PaulPaul Humphrey
BTS 6000 Memphis Swamp Jam Various Artists Featuring Bukka White, Piano Red, Nathan Beauregard, Sleepy John Estes, Fred McDowell & Johnny Woods, Furry Lewis, R.L. Watson & Josiah Jones
BTS 6001 Crusaders 1 Crusaders, TheThe Crusaders
BTS 6002
BTS 6003 Home Is Where the Music Is Masekela, HughHugh Masekela
BTS 6004 Lights Out: San Francisco Various Artists Featuring John Lee Hooker, Clifford Coulter, Tower Of Power, Sylvester and The Hot Band, Fadil Shahin and The Casbah Band, Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks
BTS 6005 Darkess Darkness Upchurch, PhilPhil Upchurch
Banana BTS 6006 Lemmings National Lampoon
BTS 6007 Unsung Heroes Crusaders, TheThe Crusaders
Banana BTS 6008 The Missing White House Tapes National Lampoon
BTS 6009 That's a Plenty Pointer Sisters, TheThe Pointer Sisters
BTS 6010 Scratch Crusaders, TheThe Crusaders
BTS 6011 Italian Graffiti DeCaro, NickNick DeCaro
BTS 6012 Don't Let Go Sidran, BenBen Sidran
BTS 6013 The Best of Dave Mason Mason, DaveDave Mason
BTS 6014 Gabor Szabo Live Szabó, GáborGábor Szabó
BTS 6015 I Am Not Afraid Masekela, HughHugh Masekela
BTS 6016 The Big Bow-Wow Strain Burgan, KenKen Burgan
BTS 6017
BTSD 6018 Hear and Now Butts Band
BTSD 6019 New Year, New Band, New Company Mayall, JohnJohn Mayall
BTSD 6020
BTSD 6021 Steppin' Pointer Sisters, TheThe Pointer Sisters
BTSD 6022 Chain Reaction Crusaders, TheThe Crusaders
BTSD 6023 Having a Party Pointer Sisters, TheThe Pointer Sisters
BTSD 6024 Those Southern Knights Crusaders, TheThe Crusaders
BTSD 6025
BTSY 6026/2 The Best of the Pointer Sisters Pointer Sisters, TheThe Pointer Sisters
BTS 6027 The Best of the Crusaders Crusaders, TheThe Crusaders
BTS 6028 Come Into Knowledge RAMP
BT 6029 Free as the Wind Crusaders, TheThe Crusaders
BT 6030 Images Crusaders, TheThe Crusaders
BTS 7000 The 2nd Crusade Crusaders, TheThe Crusaders
BTS 8002 Live at the Opera House Pointer Sisters, TheThe Pointer Sisters
BTS 8702 All Day Thumb Sucker Various Artists
BTS 9000 Out Here Love
BTS 9001 Lenny Original Broadway Cast

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