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Blue Triangle
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Parent Go-Ahead Group
Headquarters Rainham
Service area East London
Service type Bus operator
Routes 25 (May 2015)
Depots 1

Blue Triangle[1] is a bus company operating services in East London. It is a subsidiary of the Go-Ahead Group and operates most services under contract to Transport for London. It is the operator of the East London Transit service.


Original Blue Triangle logo

Blue Triangle had been formed by Roger Wright by 1988, originally operating out of Romford.

The first regular bus service to be operated by the company was the Essex Heritage Route 622 from Great Yeldham to Harlow during 1988. The service was operated under contract to Essex County Council. Two former London Transport Executive AEC Regent III RT buses were used, RT2150 and RT2799. Both were painted in modified London Transport red livery with cream lower deck window area and cream upper deck below the windows. They had a red inter-deck band.

Blue Triangle also provided buses for London Sight-seeing tours at this time.

Following the success of these operations Blue Triangle operated Essex route 500 on evenings on Sundays in the early days of deregulation.

Blue Triangle have long been an operator of rail replacement services and also assisted London Buses when other companies gave up routes early.

In August 2002, Blue Triangle took over route 185 at short notice after London Easylink ceased trading.[2]

On 29 June 2007, Blue Triangle was purchased by the Go-Ahead Group.[3] The sale included eight Transport for London and nine Essex County Council routes and approximately 60 buses, but not the charter fleet which were retained by Roger Wright trading as The London Bus Company.[4]

In August 2008, Go-Ahead's London bus operations all adopted the Go-Ahead London trading name, although the individual company names are still applied beneath the logo.


Rainham (BE)[edit]

As at May 2015, Rainham garage operated routes 167, 193, 300, 347, 362, 364, 368, 376, 462, 498 , 608, 646, 648, 649, 650, 651, 652, 656, 667, 674, 679, 686, EL1, EL2 and W19.[5] On 27 June 2015, route 498 passed to Stagecoach London.[6]

Special vehicles[edit]

Blue Triangle owned a number of special vehicles including an ex Green Line Routemaster, ex London Routemasters and AEC Regent III RTs for use on charter duties. These vehicles were not included in the sale to Go-Ahead Group and remain in the ownership of Roger Wright's London Bus Company.[7]

Previous routes operated[edit]

  • Blue Triangle operated Essex route 500 (Romford to Harlow via Epping) in the late 1980s/early 1990s in the early days of deregulation. Blue Triangle operated the route on evenings and Sundays under contract to Essex County Council.
  • Route 565 (Brentwood to Bulphan) was once operated by Blue Triangle. They also operated the route when it went from Brentwood on to Romford.
  • Essex County Council route 11 (Purfleet to Basildon) was lost to Clintona Minicoaches in January 2009.
  • Essex County Council routes 8B/8C, 101 and 256 were lost to First Essex in August 2010.
  • Blue Triangle was the last operator to operate route 502 (Loughton to Romford). It was a Saturday service with only one return journey.
  • Route 375 was won on a temporary contract as a part replacement to Essex County Council route 500, which was withdrawn between Ongar and Romford, Transport for London stepped in with this replacement service using just one bus. On 4 July 2009 this passed to Arriva Southern Counties.[10]
  • On 3 November 2007 Blue Triangle commenced operating route 368. On 26 March 2011 this passed to First London but was re-acquired on 22 June 2013.[12]
  • In September 2001 Blue Triangle commenced operating route 648. On 3 September 2011 this route passed to First London but was re-acquired on 22 June 2013.[13]


As at May 2015, Blue Triangle's London services had a peak vehicle requirement of 131 buses.[5]


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