Blue Valley Academy

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Blue Valley Academy
7500 West 148th Terrance
Overland Park, Kansas 66223
United States
Coordinates 38°51′24.2″N 94°40′20.2″W / 38.856722°N 94.672278°W / 38.856722; -94.672278Coordinates: 38°51′24.2″N 94°40′20.2″W / 38.856722°N 94.672278°W / 38.856722; -94.672278
Funding type Public
School district Blue Valley
NCES District ID 2012000
Superintendent Al Hanna
Principal Valerie Jennings [1]

Blue Valley Academy is located on 151st street, next to Blue Valley School District Headquarters. It is an alternative education school that attempts to give an equal quality education in a smaller environment. Many of the other Blue Valley High Schools act as "parent" schools and many Blue Valley Academy students return to them to take certain electives not offered at the Academy.

The building is also home to many Blue Valley recreation games on its football field and gym. The building was originally home to Blue Valley Middle School before it moved to its current location in 1999.


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