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This article is about the pricing book genre, for the magazine see Blue Book (magazine)

Blue book or bluebook is a term often referring to an almanac or other compilation of statistics and information. The term dates back to the 15th century, when large blue velvet-covered books were used for record-keeping by the Parliament of the United Kingdom.[1]

The term has a variety of other meanings:

Academia and education[edit]


Chicago Construction Blue Book from 2003


Computing and technology[edit]


  • Blue Book Design Guide to BS 5950-1, a design book for structural steel element design[citation needed]

Government and finance[edit]


  • State of Veracruz, Facts about Mexico, The Country of the Future, The Blue Book of Mexico / Estado de Veracruz, Verdades sobre México, El País del Porvenir, El Libro Azul de México, bilingual book originally published in 1923 when the bad times of the Mexican Revolution seemed to be over and the future looked promising; reprinted in the 1990s (Edición facsimilar de la Editora del Gobierno del Estado)[citation needed]

United Kingdom[edit]

United States[edit]


  • Blue Book, the Tiffany & Co. catalog first published in 1845
  • The CIBJO World Jewellery Confederation Blue Book, a three-part publication outlining terminology, classification and ethical guidelines for coloured gemstones, diamonds and pearls


  • The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, a style guide that prescribes the most widely used legal citation system in the United States


  • The included Blue Book notes in the 1958 first published book of Ludwig Wittgenstein's collective academic works Preliminary Studies for the "Philosophical Investigations"





  • Aircraft Bluebook, a digest that covers the price and condition of used general aviation aircraft in the U.S; the Aircraft Bluebook Rating Scale (or "Bluebook scale") is used in the aviation industry to rate the condition of used aircraft.
  • Automobile Blue Book
  • Big Blue Book, also known as The Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair
  • Kelley Blue Book, an automotive appraisal guide from the company of the same name; it is the United States' largest automotive vehicle valuation company
  • The nickname of the annual publication of the UK's Motor Sports Association

Other publications[edit]

  • The Blue Book, a tourist guide to the San Antonio Sporting District (the red-light district of San Antonio, Texas), published in 1911[citation needed]
  • A common name of the Handbook of United States Coins by Richard S. Yeoman
  • One of the Blue and Brown Books, sets of notes taken during lectures conducted by the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein between 1933 and 1935
  • Service Club Directory, also known as "The Blue Book", club guide published in Gainesville, Florida, by Brenda Merkley, published from 1985 to present day[citation needed]
  • MacRae's Blue Book, an industrial directory published since 1893, is produced by Owen Media Partners[11]
  • Handbook of Permitted Conventions for the English Bridge Union

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