Blue Foot chicken

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blue-footed chicken
Other names poulet bleu
Country of origin Canada
Standard none
Use meat
APA not recognised
blue legs and feet

The blue-footed chicken or poulet bleu is a Canadian chicken hybrid bred to resemble the French Poulet de Bresse.[1]


The hybrid is attributed to Canadian breeder Peter Thiessen of British Columbia[1] and was intended as an alternative to the French Poulet de Bresse, a chicken product from birds of the Bresse Gauloise breed raised and fed in a specific and traditional way within a legally-defined area in France. It was developed over a period of 15 years starting in the 1980s.[1] The Canadian stock was destroyed in 2004 during the avian flu scare. Some stock in California survived.[2]


The blue-footed chicken is white, with a red comb and steel-blue feet.[3]

Blue-foot chickens are typically slaughtered much later than industrially-produced stock, being left to grow for longer. They require 14 to 16 weeks to reach market size.[2] After slaughter, the chickens may be air-chilled.[3]


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