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Bluebells School International is a secondary school in Kailash, New Delhi, India, under the leadership of Mrs Suman Kumar (principal) and Mrs G. Soni (founding principal and current manager). The school was established in 1957.[1] It has international exchange programs with France, Australia , Mexico, and Japan.


The school motto is One planet, the Earth; One family, Mankind.[2] Activities in support of this philosophy have included commemoration of Hiroshima Day jointly with Japanese students,[3] participation in a campaign against communal violence in Gujarat[4] and organizing sporting events against embassy schools.[2] In contrast to many private schools in Delhi, Bluebell School accepts blind students.[5]



The school has libraries for the primary and senior sections. The school subscribes to 100 periodicals and newspapers. Literary activities like Quiz, Story Telling, Book Reviews and Creative Expressions are encouraged. Senior Library has a research centre.


There are laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Home Science.


The auditorium can seat 400 people. Its multi-purpose usage is assembly functions, lesson enrichment and a lecture room.

A.V. room

The audio-visual room has OHP, slide projector and screens. It has a collection of educational CDs and DVDs.

School clinic

The school is equipped to face any kind of medical emergency. There is a sick room attended by a full time experienced nurse. In addition the school also organizes regular health check ups for the students every term and keeps a detailed record of the medical history of each student.

Teachers' resource centre

In-service training of staff members keeps them updated with the latest teaching methods. Workshops both for students and teachers are conducted here.

Multimedia centre

Artwork, photography, and documentaries are produced in the school.

Computer laboratories

There are two computer labs. Students from class I onwards use these for learning and fun. They have 24-hour internet connectivity primarily for students for referencing or for external help or use.

Science park

This was inaugurated by Bharat Ratna and former president Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in 2002. It helps students know concepts of science better with small yet useful ready-made experiments.

Dance halls

The school has two halls for Indian and Western dance.

Art gallery

Exhibitions on socially important issues are held here.


Snacks and hot and cold beverages are available.

Book shop

School text books, notebooks and stationery items are provided by the book shop.

Tailor shop

The tailor shop takes care of the uniforms and other school equipment.

Language Laboratory

The Language Laboratory has provision to seat 40 students. Classes are conducted in French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and German.


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