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Bluechat is a direct text chat between two or more users, where every participant uses a bluetooth device (i.e. a modern mobile phone or a PDA) and names it (it will be the user's nickname). The device is generally used in a public and populated space (like a pub, a street, plaza and so on).

To initiate chat one goes to the connectivity menu on one's device and turns on the bluetooth port. Next, one should discover new bluetooth devices (to add one's bluetooth co-chatters). To send the messages, one goes to the organizer program, creates a new note and sends it via Bluetooth to the other device/user.

In any case, the device can be visibly hidden and vibrating alert feature used.

It is common for users to put presentation items (age or age range, sex, sexual orientation, language, and so on) in their nicknames or, if too long, in a general profile note. Users can also send contact items, for example e-mail addresses.

On some premises, the admin can create a bluechat-LAN (i.e. in a hotel, hospital and so on), for a wider bluechat network.

Palm OS based devices have a Bluechat application. For Pocket PC OS and Windows Mobile some freeware is available. Java enabled mobiles can also be use and it is possible to chat using Easy Jack.

The iPhone also has a Bluechat application, called Proximity Messaging System.

Bluetooth devices can talk to any other Bluetooth device with a range of a few meters. This means that complete strangers can communicate with others using Bluetooth devices. The term "Bluejacking" has been coined to refer to people who send irrelevant, surprising, or shocking messages to strangers in their vicinity.

Devices with a Wi-Fi port also includes Wifichat.

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