Bluemull Sound

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Bluemull Sound is located in Scotland
Bluemull Sound
Location of Bluemull Sound between Unst and Yell islands

Bluemull Sound is the strait between Unst and Yell in Shetland's North Isles. A ferry service crosses it regularly. Cullivoe is on the Yell side, and the island of Linga lies in the strait.

The "world's first community-owned tidal power generator" became operational in Bluemull Sound in April 2014. The turbine is a 30 kW Nova Innovation device, owned by the North Yell Development Council [1] and is connected to the local grid by 1 km subsea cable; helping power an ice house and up to 30 local homes. A 100kW tidal turbine was connected in August 2016.[2]

The Sound was referred to as "Blumel sound" in early 1800 nautical references[3][4] It was later referred to as Bluemull Sound in 1865.[5] It is unclear why there is such a discrepancy in the name.


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Coordinates: 60°41′01″N 00°59′12″W / 60.68361°N 0.98667°W / 60.68361; -0.98667