Blues and Boogie Shoes

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Blues And Boogie Shoes
Blues And Boogie Shoes.jpg
Studio album by Keene Brothers
Released 2006
Genre Alternative rock, Indie, Lo-fi
Label Fading Captain Series

Blues And Boogie Shoes is an album by the Keene Brothers, formed by Robert Pollard and Tommy Keene, released in 2006.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Robert Pollard.

Side A

  1. Evil Vs. Evil
  2. Death Of The Party
  3. Beauty Of The Draft
  4. Where Others Fail
  5. Island Of Lost Lucies
  6. Lost Upon Us

Side B

  1. Heaven's Gate
  2. The Naked Wall
  3. The Camouflaged Friend
  4. Must Engage
  5. This Time Do You Feel It?
  6. Blue Shadow


  • Robert Pollard - lead vocals
  • Tommy Keene - guitar, keyboards
  • R. Walt Vincent - backing vocals
  • Tommy Keene - backing vocals
  • John Richardson - drums on tracks: A4, B2, B4-B6
  • Jon Wurster - drums on tracks: A1, A3, B1