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Bluespec, Inc. is a semiconductor tool design company co-founded by Professor Arvind of MIT in June 2003. Arvind had previously founded Sandburst in 2000, which specialized in producing chips for 10G-bit Ethernet routers; for this task, Arvind had developed the Bluespec language, a high-level functional hardware description programming language which was essentially Haskell extended to handle chip design and electronic design automation in general.[1] The main designer and implementor of Bluespec was Lennart Augustsson. Bluespec is partially evaluated (to convert the Haskell parts) and compiled to the term rewriting system (TRS). It comes with a SystemVerilog frontend.[2]

Bluespec has two product lines. Primarily for ASIC and FPGA hardware designers and architects, Bluespec supplies high-level synthesis (ESL logic synthesis) with RTL.

The first Bluespec workshop was held on August 13, 2007, at MIT.[3]


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