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Bluesville Records was an American record label subsidiary of Prestige Records, launched in 1959, with the primary purpose of documenting the work of the older classic bluesmen passed over by the changing audience. Such bluesmen as Roosevelt Sykes, Lightnin' Hopkins, Rev. Gary Davis, and Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee recorded for the label, accounting for more than one quarter of their overall output. By 1966, Bluesville had ceased to issue LPs.[1][2][3][4]


Catalog No. Artist Album Notes
BVLP 1001 Al Smith Hear My Blues
BVLP 1002 Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry Down Home Blues
BVLP 1003 Willie Dixon Willie's Blues
BVLP 1004 Mildred Anderson Person to Person
BVLP 1005 Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry Blues & Folk
BVLP 1006 Roosevelt Sykes The Return of Roosevelt Sykes
BVLP 1007 Lonnie Johnson Blues by Lonnie Johnson
BVLP 1008 Shakey Jake Good Times
BVLP 1009 The Prestige All Stars Soul Jazz Volume One Compilation of tracks from Prestige PRLP 7130, PRLP 7081 & PRLP 7035
BVLP 1010 The Prestige All Stars Soul Jazz Volume Two Compilation of tracks from Prestige PRLP 7132, PRLP 7164, PRLP 7161 & PRLP 7162
BVLP 1011 Lonnie Johnson with Elmer Snowden Blues & Ballads
BVLP 1012 Little Brother Montgomery Tasty Blues
BVLP 1013 Al Smith Midnight Special
BVLP 1014 Roosevelt Sykes The Honeydripper
BVLP 1015 Blind Gary Davis Harlem Street Singer
BVLP 1016 Sunnyland Slim Slim's Shout
BVLP 1017 Mildred Anderson No More in Life
BVLP 1018 Memphis Slim Just Blues
BVLP 1019 Lightnin' Hopkins Lightnin'
BVLP 1020 Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry Blues All Around My Head
BVLP 1021 Arbee Stidham Tired of Wandering
BVLP 1022 Curtis Jones Trouble Blues
BVLP 1023 K. C. Douglas K. C.'s Blues
BVLP 1024 Lonnie Johnson Losing Game
BVLP 1025 Sonny Terry Sonny's Story
BVLP 1026 Robert Pete Williams Free Again
BVLP 1027 Shakey Jake Mouth Harp Blues
BVLP 1028 St. Louis Jimmy Going Down Slow
BVLP 1029 Lightnin' Hopkins with Sonny Terry Last Night Blues
BVLP 1030 Tampa Red Don't Tampa with the Blues
BVLP 1031 Memphis Slim No Strain
BVLP 1032 Reverend Gary Davis A Little More Faith
BVLP 1033 Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry Blues in My Soul
BVLP 1034 Memphis Willie B. Introducing Memphis Willie B.
BVLP 1035 Sidney Maiden Trouble an' Blues
BVLP 1036 Furry Lewis Back on My Feet Again
BVLP 1037 Furry Lewis Done Changed My Mind
BVLP 1038 Pink Anderson Carolina Blues Man
BVLP 1039 Mercy Dee Walton A Pity and a Shame
BVLP 1040 Blind Willie McTell Last Session
BVLP 1041 Henry Townsend Tired of Bein' Mistreated
BVLP 1042 Brownie McGhee Brownie's Blues
BVLP 1043 Tampa Red Don't Jive Me
BVLP 1044 Lonnie Johnson with Victoria Spivey Idle Hours
BVLP 1045 Lightnin' Hopkins Blues in My Bottle
BVLP 1046 Blind Snooks Eaglin That's All Right
BVLP 1047 Scrapper Blackwell Mr. Scrapper's Blues
BVLP 1048 Memphis Willie B. Hard Working Man Blues
BVLP 1049 Reverend Gary Davis Say No to the Devil
BVLP 1050 K. C. Douglas Big Road Blues
BVLP 1051 Pink Anderson Medicine Show Man
BVLP 1052 Alberta Hunter / Lucille Hegamin / Victoria Spivey Songs We Taught Your Mother
BVLP 1053 Memphis Slim All Kinds of Blues
BVLP 1054 Victoria Spivey with Lonnie Johnson Woman Blues
BVLP 1055 Memphis Slim / Tampa Red / Lonnie Johnson Bawdy Blues
BVLP 1056 Big Joe Williams Blues for Nine Strings
BVLP 1057 Lightnin' Hopkins Walkin' This Road by Myself
BVLP 1058 Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry at The 2nd Fret
BVLP 1059 Sonny Terry Sonny Is King
BVLP 1060 Wade Walton Shake 'Em On Down
BVLP 1061 Lightnin' Hopkins Lightnin' and Co.
BVLP 1062 Lonnie Johnson Another Night to Cry
BVLP 1063 Smoky Babe Hottest Brand Goin'
BVLP 1064 Robert Curtis Smith Clarksdale Blues
BVLP 1065 Doug Quattlebaum Softee Man Blues
BVLP 1066 Clarence Clay and William Scott The New Gospel Keys
BVLP 1067 Big Joe Williams Big Joe Williams at Folk City
BVLP 1068 Pete Franklin Guitar Pete's Blues
BVLP 1069 Al Smith Hear My Blues Reissue of BVLP 1001
BVLP 1070 Lightnin' Hopkins Smokes Like Lightning
BVLP 1071 Pink Anderson The Blues of Pink Anderson: Ballad & Folksinger
BVLP 1072 Baby Tate See What You Done Done
BVLP 1073 Lightnin' Hopkins Goin' Away
BVLP 1074 Brooks Berry and Scrapper Blackwell My Heart Struck Sorrow
BVLP 1075 Memphis Slim Steady Rolling Blues
BVLP 1076 Alec Seward Creepin' Blues
BVLP 1077 J. T. Adams and Shirley Griffith Indiana Avenue Blues
BVLP 1078 Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan The Master Musicians of India
BVLP 1079 Ali Akbar Khan Classical Music of India
BVLP 1081 Lightnin' Hopkins Got to Move Your Baby Reissue of BVLP 1029
BVLP 1083 Big Joe Williams Studio Blues
BVLP 1084 Lightnin' Hopkins His Greatest Hits
BVLP 1086 Lightnin' Hopkins Down Home Blues
BVLP 1087 Shirley Griffith Saturday Blues
BVLP 1089 Oudi Hrant Turkish Delights
OBCCD-570-2 Lonnie Johnson with Elmer Snowden Blues, Ballads, and Jumpin' Jazz Released in 1990
7PCD-4406-2 Lightnin' Hopkins The Complete Prestige/Bluesville Recordings Seven CD box set released in 1991
00025218056328 Lightnin' Hopkins The Swarthmore Concert Released in 1993

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