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OriginWashington D.C., United States
Years active1995–2002, 2008 (reuinion)
LabelsDischord Records
Associated actsSwiz, Red Hare, Retisonic, 52X, Destiny Rocks
Past membersJason Farrell
James A. Kump
Brian Clancy
Areif Dasha Sless-Kitain
Dave Bryson
Zac Eller
Joe Gorelick
Aaron Ford
Dave Stern

Bluetip was a rock band from Washington, D.C., forming in March 1995 by ex-members of Swiz. They released four albums, an EP, and a number of singles before splitting up in January 2002.[1] Originally, the band was to be named The Ohio Blue Tip, however the name was shortened to Bluetip early on.[2]

In 2001, when Farrell moved to New York, the band eventually folded. Farrell, Stern, and Gorelick have since gone on to form Red Hare with former Swiz singer, Shawn Brown [3].


Final lineup[edit]

  • Brian Clancy (guitar, 1999–2001)
  • Jason Farrell (guitar/vocals)
  • James A. Kump (bass)
  • Areif Dasha Sless-Kitain (drums, 2000–2001)

Previous members[edit]

  • Dave Bryson (drums, 1998–2000)
  • Zac Eller (drums, 1995–1996)
  • Joe Gorelick (drums, 1996)
  • Aaron Ford (drums, 1996–1998)
  • Dave Stern (guitar, 1995–1999)


Studio albums[edit]

  • Dischord No. 101 (Dischord, June 1996)
  • Join Us (Dischord, November 1998)
  • Polymer (Dischord, September 2000)

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • Ohio 7" (Discord/Hellfire, August 1995)
  • Bluetip/Kerosene 454 split 7" (Maggadee, September 1996)
  • Join Us/No. 2 7" (Dischord, March 1998)
  • Bluetip/NRA split 7" (B-Core Disc, November 1999)
  • Hot (-) Fast (+) Union CDEP (Slowdime, May 2000)

Compilation albums[edit]

  • Post Mortem Anthem (Dischord, 2001)

Compilation appearances[edit]


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