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Blunt Youth Radio Project is one of the oldest and most decorated youth media programs in the United States. It's a weekly, youth produced public affairs radio show on WMPG in Portland, Maine. The hour-long show features two teen hosts who interview guests on topical issues. The team's reporters produce public-radio-style features to expand on the week's theme. Topics range from the serious: the genocide in Darfur - to the light-hearted: teen dating.


The mission of Blunt Youth Radio Project is youth empowerment through direct media access.


Claire Holman founded the program in response to a dearth of outlets for youth voices. Blunt's first show aired in July 1994. The show has aired weekly ever since without a rerun.


All participants in the program receive free training in hosting, reporting, engineering, and digital audio production.

Current members[edit]

The project is led by Claire Holman.

Members include:

Aidan Mitchell

Setareh Jalali

Peter Mazjanis

Sophie Frantz

Milena Germon

Moses Small

Malcolm Purington

Zoe Farr

Jenni Nguyen

Alice Kenny

Elle Spurr

John Adil


In addition to Blunt's station-based after school program, Blunt has two off site production centers.

Blunt at Kennedy Park[edit]

In partnership with youth entrepreneurs, YOUTHINK and the People's Regional Opportunity Program (PROP), Blunt built community based production studio in Portland's Kennedy Park Peer Leader Program site.

Incarcerated Youth Speak Out[edit]

Blunt staff teach a radio production course twice weekly at the Long Creek Youth Development Center, a juvenile correctional facility in South Portland, Maine. Every eight weeks, the participants in our program make a supervised visit to WMPG to broadcast their own work - live.


Presented by the National Federation of Community Broadcasters[edit]

  • 2005 Silver Reel - Local Public Affairs - Adam, Branden, James, George, Lashanda, Tyler, Zack, Kerry Seed and Claire Holman - Incarcerated Youth Speak Out
  • 2003 Special Merit Award - Local News and Commentaries - Carolyn Snell - Body Image
  • 2003 Silver Reel Award - National Documentary - American Road Trip
  • 2003 Silver Reel Award - Radio Drama - Kathleen Ross - And How Does that Make You Feel?
  • 2002 Special Merit - Pre-produced Local Affairs Programming - Joey Thompson - Joey Interviews a Cutter
  • 2001 Silver Reel Award - Live Local Affairs Programming - Selena Juneau, Justin Vogel, Sarah Margolis-Pineo - High School Proms: From Dress Shopping to the Anti-Prom
  • 2001 Golden Reel - Promotion - Blunt Promo Sampler
  • 1998 Special Merit - Station Promo - Blunt Show Promos
  • 1998 Golden Reel - Public Affairs Programming - Blunt Telescope Excerpts

Presented by the Maine Association of Broadcasters[edit]

  • 2005 Radio News Award - First Place - Feature - Mark Cassette and Kerry Seed - My Criminal Life
  • 1999 - Radio News Award - Second Place - Feature - Julie Joy, Jon Merrfield, Dan Kramer, Claire Holman - Students with Disabilities
  • 1998 - Radio News Award - First Place - Feature - Bethany Marchand, Claire Holman - High School Student Explores Sex Industry

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