Blur: The Best of...The Radio Show

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Blur: The Best of...The Radio Show
Blur The Best of...The Radio Show.jpg
Studio album (spoken word) by Blur
Released 2000
Recorded May 1990 — 1 September 2000
Genre Britpop, interview
Length 51:20
Label Parlophone
Producer Kevin McCabe
Tony Hale
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Blur: The Best of...The Radio Show is an album by British rock band Blur, released in 2000 as a promotional album issued to promote Blur: The Best of, a compilation album by the band.[1][2]

The album is mainly music, but also spoken word. The first six tracks are short promotional tracks for Blur: The Best of. The remaining three tracks are longer songs, which are interviews and amongst them are some of the songs taken from Blur: The Best of.[1]

The interview tacks were conducted by Stuart Maconie in London on 1 September 2000. The album was edited and produced by Kevin McCabe and Tony Hale.[1]


The album is designed for usage in a radio show (a sticker on the back cover describes the usage in depth, noting 'For promotional radio use only').[3] The first six tracks are advertisements for the show from Maconie (three of them feature "Music Is My Radar" in the background), meant to be played throughout the week on the radio (one saying "tomorrow...", another saying "later today..."). Track 7 is part one of the show where Blur answer questions to Maconie based on the songs "Girls & Boys" and "There's No Other Way", the remaining tracks follow this motif with other songs (all of the songs used were on Blur: The Best of). The same answers from Blur featured on these songs feature on Blur: The Best of...The Interview - without the corresponding questions and music for more flexed usage on radio.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Promo - This Weekend (Dry Voice)" - 0:13
  2. "Promo - This Weekend (Plus Music)" - 0:20
  3. "Promo - Tomorrow (Dry Voice)" - 0:13
  4. "Promo - Tomorrow (Plus Music)" - 0:20
  5. "Promo - Later Today (Dry Voice)" - 0:12
  6. "Promo - Later Today (Plus Music)" - 0:20
  7. "Programme 1" - 13:37 (Includes "Girls & Boys" and "There's No Other Way")
  8. "Programme 2" - 15:10 (Includes "Song 2", "Tender" and "Country House")
  9. "Programme 3" - 20:55 (Includes "Coffee & TV", "Parklife" and "Music is My Radar")


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