Blur (Rachael Lampa album)

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Blur (Rachael Lampa album).jpg
Remix album by Rachael Lampa
Released October 29, 2002
Recorded 2000-2002
Genre CCM/R&B
Length 44:37
Label Word
  • Dan Muckala
  • Jeff Savage
  • JimEvision
  • The Dingo Brothers
  • Tedd T.
Rachael Lampa chronology
Rachael Lampa

Blur is the third album from CCM artist Rachael Lampa. This is a remix project, released in 2002 by Word Records.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Writers Time
1. "Free" (Holla Back Mix) Brent Bourgeois, Cindy Morgan 4:55
2. "Savior Song" (Sonic Overload Mix) Nick Trevisick, Matthew West 3:20
3. "Brand New Life" (Sunny Day Mix) Pete Kipley, Robert Ellis Orrall 3:49
4. "Day of Freedom" (Mirage Mix) Brent Bourgeois, Chris Eaton, Cindy Morgan 5:32
5. "I'm All Yours" (Giraffo Phat Funk Mix) Natalie LaRue, Phillip LaRue, Rachael Lampa 4:23
6. "For Your Love" (Gravity Moon Mix) Pete Kipley, Cindy Morgan 4:13
7. "Live For You" (Marbella Mad Motion Mix) Chris Eaton, Chris Rodriguez 4:50
8. "Lead Me I'll Follow" (Elevation Mix) Rachael Lampa, Chris Rodriguez 3:33
9. "A Song For You" (London Daydream Mix) Rachael Lampa, Cindy Morgan 6:12
10. "Blessed" (Epiphonic Mix) Cindy Morgan, Ginny Owens 3:50

Cut remixes[edit]

An early track listing surfaced on the internet before the album was released which featured the songs listed and "It's About You" and "God Loves You". The remixes of those two songs were cut from the album.