Blurr (EP)

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Unwritten Law - Blurr cover.gif
EP by Unwritten Law
Released 1993
Recorded 1993
Genre Punk rock
Label Red Eye
Unwritten Law chronology

"Blurr" is a 7" vinyl EP by the San Diego, California punk rock band Unwritten Law, released in 1993 by Red Eye Records. It was the band's first record and is currently out of print. All three songs were re-recorded for the band's 1994 debut album Blue Room, on which the song "Blurr" was re-titled "Blurred (Part Two)."

Track listing[edit]

  1. "What About Me"
  2. "Blurr"
  3. "Kill to Breathe"


  • Scott Russo - vocals
  • Rob Brewer - guitar
  • John Bell - bass
  • Wade Youman - drums

Album information[edit]