Blyth Harbour Wind Farm

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Blyth Harbour Wind Farm
Blyth Harbour Wind Farm is located in Northumberland
Blyth Harbour Wind Farm
Location of Blyth Harbour Wind Farm
Country England, United Kingdom
Location The Port of Blyth, Northumberland
Coordinates 55°07′20″N 1°29′25″W / 55.1222°N 1.49027°W / 55.1222; -1.49027Coordinates: 55°07′20″N 1°29′25″W / 55.1222°N 1.49027°W / 55.1222; -1.49027
Status Operational
Commission date January 1993
Owner(s) Hainsford Developments (Blyth Harbour) Limited
Wind farm
Avg. site elevation 5 ft
Power generation
Units operational 9 × 0.3 MW
Make and model WindMaster
Nameplate capacity 2.7 MW

Blyth Harbour Wind Farm is a coastal wind farm located along the East Pier of the Port of Blyth. Commissioned in January 1993 it consists of nine 0.3MW WindMaster turbines giving a total capacity of 2.7MW. It was developed by AMEC Wind and is owned by Hainsford Developments (Blyth Harbour) Limited.[1]


In January 2008 consent was granted to replace the existing nine turbines with seven new ones. Six of these would generate 2.5MW each, and a seventh larger one would produce 7.5MW and be the largest land-based turbine in Europe at 163 m (535 ft) tall.[2]

As of September 2012, the first new turbine became operational, producing up to 3.4 MW of power (more than the original nine turbines combined). The turbine is a REpower 3.4M104, with a 76m hub height.


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