Blyth Offshore Wind Farm

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Blyth Offshore Wind Farm
Fishermen and wind turbines from Blyth North Beach - - 1133638.jpg
Blyth Offshore Wind Turbines in January 2004
Location of Blyth Offshore Wind Farm in Northumberland
CountryEngland, United Kingdom
LocationBlyth, Northumberland
Coordinates55°08′09″N 01°29′25″W / 55.13583°N 1.49028°W / 55.13583; -1.49028Coordinates: 55°08′09″N 01°29′25″W / 55.13583°N 1.49028°W / 55.13583; -1.49028
Commission dateDecember 2000
Construction cost€4.6 million
Shell Renewables
Border Wind
Wind farm
Max. water depth6–11 m (20–36 ft)
Distance from shore1.6 km (1.0 mi)
Hub height62 m (203 ft)
Rotor diameter66 m (217 ft)
Rated wind speed17 m/s (38 mph)
Power generation
Units operational2 x 2 MW
Make and modelVestas: V66-2.0 MW
Nameplate capacity4 MW
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Blyth Offshore Wind Farm is a small coastal wind farm located 0.5 miles (0.80 km) off the coast of Blyth, Northumberland, England.


Commissioned in December 2000 as a pilot project, the project was developed by a consortium that included E.ON, Shell Renewables, NUON and Border Wind. E.ON are in charge of operating the farm.[1][2]

The project was the UK's first offshore wind farm, following the Vindeby in 1991 and Tunø in 1995, as well as being the largest offshore turbines erected in the world at the time.[3] It helped pave the way for more than 600 bigger offshore turbines installed in British waters since then.[4]

The wind farm is scheduled for decommissioning (as required by authorities) in 2019. One turbine goes to spare parts, while the other will be re-erected as a training facility in Blyth harbour.[4]

There are plans to add a 100 MW test facility of 15 turbines at Blyth and nearby Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, supported by a government grant. The site would be administered by The National Renewable Energy Centre (Narec), based in Blyth.[5] The test facility received planning consent in November 2013.[6] It is planned with the Vestas V164-8MW and 66 kV cables.[7]

Design and specification[edit]

The farm consists of two Vestas 2 MW turbines.[3]


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