Bnei Ayish

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Bnei Ayish
  • בְּנֵי עַיִ"שׁ
  • بني عايش
Hebrew transcription(s)
 • ISO 259 Bnei ʕayš
 • Also spelled Bene Ayish (official)
Merekaz meshari bney aiysh.jpg
Official logo of Bnei Ayish
Bnei Ayish is located in Israel
Bnei Ayish
Bnei Ayish
Coordinates: 31°47′18.94″N 34°45′39.29″E / 31.7885944°N 34.7609139°E / 31.7885944; 34.7609139Coordinates: 31°47′18.94″N 34°45′39.29″E / 31.7885944°N 34.7609139°E / 31.7885944; 34.7609139
District Central
Founded 1951
 • Type Local council (from 1981)
 • Total 836 dunams (83.6 ha or 207 acres)
Population (2005)
 • Total 7,600
Name meaning Sons of Akiva Yosef Schlezinger

Bnei Ayish (Hebrew: בְּנֵי עַיִ"שׁ), pop. 7,600, is a town (local council), in the Center District of Israel, about ten km from Ashdod and bordering Gedera.

It was founded on land belonging to the depopulated Palestinian Arab village of Yasur.[1]

Bnei Ayish originally served as a transit camp for immigrants from Yemen in the early 1950s. Before Israeli independence, the area had served as a military base for British Army troops during the British Mandate of Palestine. Today its population is almost entirely made up of Jews of Yemenite descent and immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

Bnei Ayish, meaning Sons of Ayish, is named after Rabbi Akiva Yosef Schlezinger, whose name is abbreviated to Ayish.


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