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Božo Ljubić (born September 30, 1949 in Uzarići, Široki Brijeg) is a Croat politician of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Ljubić was a member of the Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HDZ BiH). He came to prominence when in June 2005 he opposed the internal election of Dragan Čović to the party presidency, claiming election fraud.

In April 2006, the rift between Ljubić and the main party line escalated, and he led the formation of the Croatian Democratic Union 1990 (HDZ 1990). The new party was welcomed by the Roman Catholic bishop of Banja Luka Franjo Komarica and the president of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Ivo Sanader (also prime minister of Croatia at the time).[1]

The new party's candidates ran for office in the Bosnia and Herzegovina general election, 2006 and achieved moderate success. Ljubić was the candidate for the Croatian seat in the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but came in third with 18% of the vote, after both Željko Komšić of SDP BiH and Ivo Miro Jović of HDZ BiH.

In 2014 he has left HDZ 1990 and he has given his support to HDZ BiH in the Bosnia and Herzegovina general election, 2014. Today Ljubic is the president of the General Council of the Croatian National Congress of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2016, the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has granted the request of Dr Božo Ljubić for review of the constitutionality of the Election Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The court established that the Election Law is in contravention to the principle of constituent status of peoples, i.e. the principle of equality of all constituent peoples (Croats, Serbs, Bosniaks) in Bosnia-Herzegovina.


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