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Bo Andersson
Bo Inge Andersson, 2012 Horasis Global Russia Business Meeting.jpg
Bo Andersson in 2012
Bo Inge Andersson

(1955-10-16) 16 October 1955 (age 64)
ResidenceDelray Beach, United States
CitizenshipSwedish and US
EducationKarlberg Military Academy, Armed Forces Staff And War College
Alma materStockholm University Harvard Business School
OccupationPresident of YAZAKI Europe Africa & North/central America
Years active2017- present
Home townFalkenberg, Sweden
Board member ofSSM , Stockholm 2016- Autoliv (2012 - 2013)
ChildrenFelicia Andersson
Leonora Andersson

Bo Inge Andersson (born 16 October 1955 in Falkenberg, Sweden) is a former Swedish officer,[1] businessman and diplomat.

He is currently President of YAZAKI Europe&Africa and North & Central America.[2] He is responsible for 129 locations, in 28 countries, 140,000 team members and more than $8 billion in revenue.[3] YAZAKI is the world's largest producer of electrical wiring solutions for the automotive industry.[2][2]

Prior to Yazaki, Bo Andersson's career included roles as Head of Purchasing at Saab Automobile, Head of Global Purchasing and Supply Chain at General Motors, CEO for the turn-around of GAZ Group, and as the first non-Russian Chief Executive Officer at AVTOVAZ, where he worked from December 2013 till 3 April 2016.[4]

From April 2016 through June 2017, Bo Andersson worked as CEO of Bo Group Enterprises.[5] In July 2017, Bo Andersson was named President of YAZAKI Europe&Africa and on March 3, 2018, he added the role of President of YAZAKI North & Central America.


Bo Inge Andersson grew up on the South of Sweden. He graduated from Swedish Army Academy and then served in the army. He left the military with the rank of Major.[6] Andersson received a bachelor's degree of Business Administration from Stockholm University and completed Top Management program at Harvard University.[6]

General Motors[edit]

Andersson began his business career in 1987 as a purchasing manager in Saab Automotive AB where in 1990 he was promoted to the Vice-President of Saab Purchasing. In 1993 he moved to Detroit to work at the position of Executive Director of Electrical Purchasing Group at General Motors (GM). A year later he was appointed Executive Director of Chemicals Purchasing Group for GM and worked in this position for three years. In 1997 he moved to Germany to hold position of Vice-President for Purchasing in Europe.[7] In 2001 Andersson became part of GM top management working as Vice-President for Purchasing worldwide till 2007 and as Vice-President of Global Purchasing and Supply Chain to 2009.[7]

Andersson left GM in 2009 and became an advisor to Oleg Deripaska (a Russian industrial tycoon) and a head of Board of Directors of GAZ Group - the oldest car plant in Russia and the largest manufacturer of light commercial vehicles, buses and off-road heavy trucks.[8]

GAZ Group[edit]

Andersson became the president of GAZ Group on August 7, 2009 with objective to combine development of company's strategy with running current operations. Main goal was to return the company to profitability.

During five years at GAZ, he managed to turn-around the business from losses of $1 Billion to consistent EBIT profits: 7,6% (2010), 8,8% (2011), 10,3% (2012).[9][10][11][12][13][14] In the Russian currency net profit changed from 30,5 bln RUR loss in 2008 to 8,8 bln RUR net profit for 2012.[15]

These results were achieved due to consistent reforms at GAZ Group conducted by Andersson:

- The company reduced headcount by 50,000

- Eliminated underperforming product lines, including classing GAZ Volga passenger car and specialty vehicles focusing on three primary product areas vs. seven in 2009

- Began profit-sharing program for all employees and established zero-tolerance policy for corruption

- Launched new models covering majority of product range, including first new LCV platform in 20 years

- Localized production of Volkswagen/Škoda, GM and Daimler at the GAZ plant


On November 5, 2013 Andersson was appointed the President of JSC AVTOVAZ the largest Russian car manufacturer which produced old fashioned Lada branded vehicles and was losing market share.[16] The Swedish manager has become the first foreign president of the company. His objective in the new role was to regenerate the LADA brand.[17]

Among the key challenges for Andersson at the role of the president of AVTOVAZ was to improve company's product portfolio and increase brand attraction. Overall during the first two years at his role as a president of AvtoVAZ the company launched 14 new vehicles: six new Lada branded vehicles and eight cars for Alliance Renault Nissan.[14] As at GAZ Group, Andersson was reforming company's business. It included:[18][19]

Vladimir Putin with Bo Andersson and Sergey Ivanov after test drive of Lada Vesta - October 2015

- Optimization of business processes, by reducing of levels of management from 9 to 5

- Standardized working places of employees to increase efficiency

- Optimization of headcount by 37% from 77,000 to 44,400 including reduction of white collars by 44% (16,000 to 8,900) and blue collars by 35% (from 54,100 to 35,400)

- Restructuring of business including selling or liquidation of ineffective subsidiaries and restructuring of supply base

- Changing company's corporate style including introduction of new Lada brand logo[20]

By manufacturing Alliance products on the same plant as traditional Lada cars AvtoVAZ could prove to the customers that the quality of the products suits high standards of international brands.[21]

In 2015 AVTOVAZ launched two brand new vehicles in two different plants - the Lada Vesta (Izhevsk) and the Lada XRAY (Togliatti) - first truly new models of the company in many years. New models were of a big success. In January 2016 only two month after start of sales Lada Vesta has become one of the top 10 best-selling cars in Russia, surpassing many of its competitors including Škoda Rapid.[22] First time in Lada history its car received a maximum crash test rating from "Avtoview" (4 stars ARCAP) marking the Lada Vesta one of the safest vehicles in its class in the Russian market.[23]

In 2015 Andersson was nominated for "Person of the year 2015" by Russian business newspaper Vedomosti for achievements in transferring "a giant governmentally owned enterprise" into a regular plant producing decent cars.[24]

Announced his resignation on the 17th of February 2016. He agreed to remain in his role until April 3 to support the transition to new leadership. From April 2016 Andersson is the CEO of Bo Group Enterprises.[5][25]


In 2016 in his post as general director of AvtoVAZ in Russia, he liquidated the Manufacture of technological equipment and the Pilot production of AvtoVAZ.[26][27] The chairman of the city Duma Tolyatti Nikolay Ostudin accused Bo Andersson of destroying the LADA in the interests of Renault[28], without providing any arguments and facts.

YAZAKI Company[edit]

Bo I. Andersson was elected President of YAZAKI Europe on 14 July 2017. On March 3, 2018, he was named President & CEO of Yazaki North & Central America. This is in addition to his role as President of Yazaki Europe, which he has held since July 2017. He is responsible for 129 locations, in 28 countries, 140,000 team members and more than $8 billion in revenue.[29]


Bo Andersson with King Carl XVI of Sweden
  • Namnes "TOP-5 AUTO" in the category "Auto person of the Year" for his outstanding achievements in the field of car business in Russia in the year 2015[30]
  • Awardered Medal from President Kadyrov for important contribution to Republic of Chechnya 2015
  • Nominee for "Professional of the Year 2015" by Vedomosti in 2015[31]
  • "Contribution into integration of Russian car industry to World car industry" by the Russian International car Industry Forum in 2013[32]
  • Honorary Citizen of Nizhny Novgorod by Duma of Nizhny Novgorod in 2013[33]
  • Distinguished Service Citation by Automotive Hall of Fame (Detroit) in 2013[34]
  • Former Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Sweden for Nizhny Novgorod in 2012[35]
  • "Automotive Supply Chain Outstanding Achievements" by Automotive Supply Chain in 2012[36]
  • "Automotive Executive of the Year" for Russia by Adam Smith Institute in 2011[37]
  • "Emerging Market Executive Eurostar" by Automotive News Europe in 2011[38]
  • "Best Executive leader of 2010" by Adam Smith Institute in 2010[39]
  • "Best Market Newcomer" by Adam Smith Institute in 2009[40]


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