Bo Jackson Baseball

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Bo Jackson Baseball
Bo Jackson Baseball Coverart.png
Packaging for the NES version.
Developer(s)Beam Software
Publisher(s)Data East
Designer(s)Scott Orr
Denny Thorley
Composer(s)Marshall Parker
Platform(s)NES, MS-DOS, Amiga

Bo Jackson Baseball is a baseball video game that was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Commodore Amiga and IBM PC-compatibles. The game features athlete Bo Jackson, who at the time of the game's release was a star in professional baseball and a former professional football player. In Europe, the game was released by Mindscape as TV Sports: Baseball, part of the TV Sports series that included TV Sports: Basketball and other games based on hockey and American football.


Someone has successfully hit the ball and it looks like it's going to go towards the back wall of the stadium.

An option allows the player to play anywhere from five to nine innings.[4] Players can choose to throw five different kinds of pitches either slowly, at a normal speed, or very rapidly.[5] Nintendo Power gave this game a 2.8 out of 5 in their September 1991 review while Electronic Gaming Monthly issued a 4.25 out of 10 review in their October 1991 issue of their magazine.[4]

Players can either play in exhibition mode or playoff mode. Either one or two players can participate. In addition to those options, a CPU vs CPU mode and a CPU vs CPU quick mode are available in order to quicken up a tournament; the purpose is to see the stats of that particular match and quickly end tournaments. The game uses city names but not the team names because of not having any proper licensing with Major League Baseball.[4] However, the players are purely fictional and they cannot be edited. Some of the player names are parodies of real life baseball players (such as Baltimore's "Kenrip" being a not-so-subtle parody of Cal Ripken).

There is even a cheat code that allows players to play as an all-Bo Jackson baseball team.[6] The Commodore Amiga version includes a league mode that the NES version doesn't have.[7] Also, the Amiga version of Bo Jackson Baseball has enhanced 16-bit graphics that are superior to the NES version.[8]

Review scores
AllGame2/5 stars
Nintendo Power(2.8/5)


Computer Gaming World stated that the IBM version of Bo Jackson was best as an arcade game and, because of its lack of real players' statistics, less successful than competitors as a simulation.[9]


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