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Bo Leuf

Bo Arne Leuf (July 9, 1952[1] – April 24, 2009)[2] was co-author of the book The Wiki Way (2001), written in collaboration with wiki inventor Ward Cunningham. His book Peer To Peer (2002) discusses different peer-to-peer (P2P) solutions both from a technical and legal point of view.

Bo Leuf lived in Gothenburg, Sweden.[3] He was a candidate for the Pirate Party in the Swedish general election in 2006[4] and was also on its board as treasurer.[5]

In 1971, he came from Västernorrland to Gothenburg to study engineering physics at Chalmers University.

In 1979, he opened a book shop called Wizard in Gothenburg.[6] Later, when he moved to Malmö in 1992, he opened a new shop, this time under the name of Daggshimmer. At this time in Malmö, he also helped his wife and mother-in-law to run the Demaret's School of Languages, a former Berlitz language school still using the same teaching method. He got married on June 2, 1984 and had two children. He died of cancer on April 24, 2009.[7]


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