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MF 88
In service1993 - present
ManufacturerAlstom, Faiveley, Renault, ANF
Number built27 cars
Formation3 per trainset
Capacity425 per car
Line(s) servedParis Métro Paris Métro Line 7bis
Train length45,440 mm (149 ft 1.0 in)
Maximum speed70 km/h (43 mph)
Traction systemGTO
Power output840 kW (1,130 hp)
Electric system(s)750 V DC Third rail
Current collection methodContact shoe
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge

The MF 88 is a steel-wheel variant of electric multiple units used on Paris's Métro system. RATP contracted a consortium of manufacturers, with Ateliers du Nord de la France (now Bombardier Transportation) in charge of the project. They were built following successful tests of a prototype train-set called the "BOA", derived from the MF 77, which tested new features such as interconnecting passages between cars to improve passenger distribution and special bogies to reduce friction caused by the sharp curves found in the Métro network.

Carrying on the features of the BOA, a total of nine MF 88 train-sets were built, which currently operate on Line 7bis in a three-car formation. The high rate of wear-and-tear of the train-sets has made maintenance much more expensive than expected. This is because of the design flaw in the chassis, it has one axle which is very unusual. It was speculated that they were likely to be replaced by spare MF 67s, which in turn were replaced by the MF 2000. However, this plan has been abandoned and it is unclear if the trains will be considered for a mid-life refurbishment. (From fr:MF 88).

Interior of the MF 88

Technical specifications[edit]

  • Manufacturers: Alstom, Faiveley, Renault, ANF
  • Electric source: 750 V DC third rail
  • Traction: GTO (Gate Turn Off)
  • Power: 2 motors per motor coach of 210 kW (280 hp), 840 kW (1,130 hp) per train
  • Maximum speed: 70 km/h (43 mph)
  • Bogies: Bi-Directional
  • Length: 46.44 metres (152 ft 4 38 in)
  • Train-set: M-B-M