Boaco Department

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Departamento de Boaco
Country Nicaragua
Capital Boaco
Area 4,244 km2 (1,639 sq mi)
Population 171,000 (2006)
ISO 3166-2 NI-BO

Boaco is a department in Nicaragua. It was formed in 1938 out of part of Chontales Department. It covers an area of 4,244 km² and has a population of 171,000 (2006, est.). The capital is the city of Boaco. Indigenous peoples are the Nuhuas and Sumos.


  1. Boaco
  2. Camoapa
  3. San José de los Remates
  4. San Lorenzo
  5. Santa Lucía
  6. Teustepe

Coordinates: 12°28′N 85°40′W / 12.467°N 85.667°W / 12.467; -85.667