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The Boar's Nest is the local restaurant and tavern in the television series, The Dukes of Hazzard and the movie Moonrunners.

It is the oldest establishment in Hazzard County, and is owned by Boss Hogg. It is the main social gathering place for the Duke family—cousins Bo, Luke and Daisy, and their Uncle Jesse—and their friends and adversaries. Daisy is employed as a waitress at the business.

The establishment contains ample seating room for customers, a small kitchen and a bar. The main bar also contains a popcorn machine, a jukebox, a pinball machine, a pool table and pay telephone. There is also a small stage area, where plays, contests and performances by big-name country music stars perform, usually to settle trumped up traffic violations applied by Sheriff Rosco when they pass through his jurisdiction.

In the back of the restaurant is an office where Boss Hogg conducts many of his crooked business schemes. The basement has an escape tunnel, which was used in the days when the Hogg and Duke families were involved in moonshine running and were trying to elude the authorities.

Outside the business are two HoggoCo gas pumps and ample parking space. The parking lot often serves as the starting and finishing lines for various races that take place in Hazzard County.

In the 1997 The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion! movie, the original Boar's Nest had been burned down by a wedding party, and a new one was built in town.


The Boar's Nest was an actual bar in the area where Jerry Rushing used to run moonshine. His stories were the basis for the film Moonrunners (the precursor to the Dukes of Hazzard, and the first appearance of the Boar's Nest on camera).

The building used as the Boar's Nest at 290 Flat Rock Road, just north of Covington, Georgia, during the filming of the first five episodes of season one still exists. It is now being used as a church.[1]


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