Board of Aldermen of the City of St. Louis

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Board of Aldermen
City of St. Louis
Term limits
No Term Limits
Lewis E. Reed, Democrat
Vice President
Alderman Joe Roddy, 17th Ward, Democrat
Majority Floor Leader
Alderman Jeffrey Boyd, 22nd Ward, Democrat
Saint Louis Board of Aldermen.svg
Political groups
  Democratic (28)
AuthorityCharter of the City of St. Louis
Salary$41,00/year + per diem
RedistrictingLegislative Control
Meeting place
St. Louis City Hall
Aldermen Chambers, St. Louis City Hall

The Board of Aldermen is the legislative body of the independent City of St. Louis, Missouri. The Board of Aldermen is charged with passing legislation, known as board bills, which after passage of the Board are sent to the Mayor to be signed into law. The Board serves as a check against the mayor in a mayor-council government model. The Board monitors performance of city agencies and makes land use decisions as well as legislating on a variety of other issues. The Board also has sole responsibility for approving the city budget. The presiding officer of the Board is the President, who is elected separately city wide.

The President of the Board is the second highest ranking official in the City directly behind the Mayor. The President sets the agenda and presides at sessions and meetings of the Board. The Board is made up of 28 aldermen representing the city's 28 wards. The Board meets in the north wing of City Hall in the Aldermanic Chambers.


The Board of Aldermen consists of one representative from each of the city's 28 wards; the body's President is elected separately by a citywide ballot. Like the mayor, Aldermen representing odd-numbered wards are elected in odd numbered years following the United States Presidential Election, while the President of the Board and the aldermen from even-numbered wards are elected in the off-years, terms are four years.[1] Proposition R, a charter amendment to reduce the number of city of St. Louis aldermen from 28 to 14 effective January 1, 2022, was passed by city voters on November 6, 2012 with 61 percent voting in favor; 60 percent was needed for passage.[2]


By custom and tradition, an alderman has a great deal of influence over decisions impacting the ward they represent on matters ranging from zoning changes, to street resurfacing, to tax abatement to business licensing, etc.

By city charter, Aldermen are legislators. Aldermen introduce laws and legislation known as board bills that can become city ordinances which can impact the quality of lives of city residents.


The Board of Aldermen uses committees for a variety if purposes, including the review of board bills or proposed laws, and the oversight of the city's executive and administrative branch The appointment of committee members is formally made by the President, while committee chairmanship is determined by seniority. Committee Chairman preside over committee meetings and hearings. The Board has the following standing committees:

  • Committee on Ways & Means
  • Committee on Public Safety
  • Committee on Housing, Urban Development, & Zoning (HUDZ)
  • Committee on Streets & Traffic
  • Committee on Transportation & Commerce
  • Committee on Neighborhood Development
  • Committee on Public Utilities
  • Committee on Public Employees
  • Committee on Intergovernmental Affairs
  • Committee on Parks & Environment
  • Committee on Health & Humans Services


To become an Alderman one must be a registered voter, twenty-five years of age, have been a United States citizen for at least five years, a resident of the city, and for one year a resident of the ward from which elected. The President must be at least thirty years of age and a city resident for at least five years.[3][4]

Current members[edit]

Ward or position Member Map Neighborhoods
President Lewis E. Reed
Ward 1 Sharon Tyus STLward1.bmp Wells/Goodfellow, Kingsway West, Kingsway East, Penrose, Mark Twain, Walnut Park East
Ward 2 Lisa Middlebrook STLward2.bmp Near North Riverfront, College Hill, O'Fallon, North Point, Baden, Riverview, North Riverfront
Ward 3 Brandon Bosley STLward3.bmp JeffVanderLou, St. Louis Place, Hyde Park, College Hill, Fairground Neighborhood, O'Fallon
Ward 4 Samuel L. Moore STLward4.bmp Lewis Place, Kingsway East, Greater Ville, The Ville, Vandeventer
Ward 5 Tammika Hubbard Downtown West, JeffVanderLou, St. Louis Place, Carr Square, Columbus Square, Old North St. Louis, Near North Riverfront, Hyde Park
Ward 6 Christine Ingrassia Fox Park, Tower Grove East, Compton Heights, The Gate District, Lafayette Square, Peabody/Darst/Webbe, Downtown West, Midtown, JeffVanderLou
Ward 7 Jack Coatar STLward7.bmp Kosciusko, Soulard, Benton Park, McKinley Heights, Fox Park, Compton Heights, Lafayette Square, Peabody/Darst/Webbe, LaSalle Park, Downtown, Downtown West, Near North Riverfront
Ward 8 Annie Rice Southwest Garden, Tower Grove South, Tower Grove East, Shaw
Ward 9 Dan Guenther Dutchtown, Mount Pleasant, Marine Villa, Gravois Park, Kosciusko, Soulard, Benton Park, Tower Grove East, Benton Park West
Ward 10 Joseph Vollmer The Hill, Southwest Garden, North Hampton, Tower Grove South, Kings Oak
Ward 11 Sarah Martin Carondelet, Patch, Holly Hills, Boulevard Heights, Mount Pleasant
Ward 12 Larry Arnowitz Boulevard Heights, Princeton Heights, St. Louis Hills
Ward 13 Beth Murphy Carondelet, Holly Hills, Boulevard Heights, Bevo Mill, Princeton Heights, Southampton, Dutchtown
Ward 14 Carol Howard Bevo Mill, Princeton Heights, Southampton, Tower Grove South
Ward 15 Megan Green Tower Grove South, Dutchtown, Gravois Park, Tower Grove East, Benton Park West
Ward 16 Tom Oldenburg Princeton Heights, Southampton, St. Louis Hills, Lindenwood Park
Ward 17 Joseph D. Roddy Shaw, Botanical Heights, Tiffany, Midtown, Central West End, Forest Park Southeast, Kings Oak, Cheltenham
Ward 18 Jesse Todd Central West End, Academy, Kingsway West, Fountain Park, Lewis Place, Kingsway East, Vandeventer
Ward 19 Marlene Davis Shaw, Tiffany, The Gate District, Midtown, Vandeventer, JeffVanderLou, Covenant Blu/Grand Center
Ward 20 Cara Spencer Dutchtown, Marine Villa, Gravois Park, Benton Park West
Ward 21 John Collins-Muhammad STLward21.bmp Kingsway East, Greater Ville, O'Fallon, Penrose, College Hill
Ward 22 Jeffrey L. Boyd West End, Wells/Goodfellow, Mark Twain/I-70 Industrial, Hamilton Heights
Ward 23 Joe Vaccaro Lindenwood Park, Ellendale, Clifton Heights, North Hampton
Ward 24 Bret Narayan Lindenwood Park, Ellendale, Clifton Heights, The Hill, Southwest Garden, North Hampton, Cheltenham, Clayton/Tamm, Franz Park, Hi-Pointe
Ward 25 Shane Cohn Carondelet, Dutchtown, Mount Pleasant
Ward 26 Shameem Clark-Hubbard Skinker/DeBaliviere, DeBaliviere Place, West End, Visitation Park, Wells/Goodfellow, Academy, Kingsway West, Hamilton Heights
Ward 27 Pamela Boyd Walnut Park East, North Point, Baden, Walnut Park West
Ward 28 Heather Navarro Central West End, Hi-Pointe, Wydown/Skinker, Skinker/DeBaliviere, DeBaliviere Place, West End

List of Presidents[edit]

The President presides at all the meeting, preserves decorum and determines all questions of order. He or she also appoints standing and special committees and serves as an equal member of all committees. The President assigns bills to appropriate committees and refers bills, when ready, to the Engrossment Committee. the President directs action from the broad elevated podium in the front and center of the semi-circulate position.

Louis P. Aloe (R) 1917-1924
Walter J. G. Neun (R) 1924-1935
William L. Mason (D) 1935-1941
Michael J. Hart (R) 1941-1943
Aloys P. Kaufmann (R) 1943
Edgar S. Nicolai (R) 1943-1945
Albert L. Schweitzer (R) 1945-1947
Charles Albanese (R) 1947-1955
Donald Gunn (D) 1955-1959
A. J. Cervantes (D) 1959-1963
Donald Gunn (D) 1963-1968
James Noonan (D) 1968-1969
Joseph Badaracco (R) 1969-1975
Paul Simon (D) 1975-1980
Eugene Bradley (D) 1980
Thomas Zych (D) 1980-1987
Thomas P. Villa (D) 1987-1995
Francis G. Slay (D) 1995-2001
James F. Shrewsbury (D) 2001-2007
Lewis E. Reed (D) 2007–present[5]

Party Composition[edit]

Year[6] Democratic Republican Independent
1945 8 20 0
1947 8 20 0
1949 13 15 0
1951 17 11 0
1953 21 7 0
1955 24 4 0
1957 24 4 0
1959 24 4 0
1961 24 4 0
1963 24 4 0
1965 26 2 0
1967 22 6 0
1969 24 4 0
1971 24 4 0
1973 25 3 0
1975 26 2 0
1977 27 1 0
1979 26 2 0
1981 26 2 0
1983 27 1 0
2009 27 1 0
2011 27 0 1
2013 27 0 1
2015[7] 28 0 0
2017 28 0 0


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