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Board of European Students of Technology (BEST)
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Formation 1989
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The Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit student organisation. BEST is supported by around 3,800 volunteers who are members of local BEST groups in 95 technical universities in 32 countries.


  • Providing complementary education
  • Providing career support
  • Increasing educational involvement[1]


The structure of BEST is divided into three different levels: local, regional and international. Each one of the 95 Local BEST Groups (LBGs) represents the organisation locally in the University they belong. In order to have a more effective communication between LBGs and the international BEST, the 95 LBGs are divided into 11 regions which are coordinated by the Regional Advisers. Finally, there is the international team of BEST which consists of 10 different departments. The whole organisation operates under the International Board of BEST.

Local BEST Groups[edit]

A Local BEST Group is an association of BEST members at the same university. These groups are responsible for promoting and organising the activities of BEST at their university.

International Departments[edit]

International Department Description
Competitions Department The purpose of the Competitions Department is to provide support and develop high quality Engineering Competitions according to the needs of BEST.
Corporate Relations Department Corporate Relations Department supports the Treasurer in providing the resources for BEST International in order to work and reach the goals of the organisation.
Design Department Design Department is here to provide design materials for the needs of BEST in order to maintain and strengthen the image of BEST.
Educational Involvement Department The purpose of the Educational Involvement Department of BEST is to increase students' awareness and involvement on educational matters and to gather students' input on educational matters and disseminate it to relevant Higher Education stakeholders.
Grants Department Grants Department cooperates with funders in order to ensure financial support for BEST through grants.
IT Department The Information Technology Department is a body of BEST that listens to the IT needs of the organisation and provides technical resources and services in order to support the whole organisation in achieving its goals and visions.
Membership Department Membership Department provides support to the new Local BEST groups that are founded around Europe.
Public Relations Department The Public Relations Department monitors, builds and maintain the external image of BEST.
Training Department The Training Department aims that BEST members grow and contribute to the organisation in an effective way, enabling it to reach its goals by maintaining and developing the training system of BEST.
Vivaldi Department The purpose of the Vivaldi Department is to supervise and support the organisation of the BEST Events according to the regulations of the organisation.

International Board[edit]

Position Name
President Gustavo Fonseca
Treasurer Majd Mekouar Ouazzani Touhami
Secretary Veronica Verlan
Vice President for Human Resources Sara Santos
Vice President for Projects Georgia Pantalona
Vice President for Services António Ribeiro
Vice President for Local Group Support Mariniki Santorinaiou

Partner organisations[edit]

BEST collaborates with four other student organisations:

BEST also represents its students in some thematic networks. For example:

BEST collaborates with the following organisations involved in Engineering eucation::

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