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Sampling of available games
Designer(s) Dave Dyer
Skill(s) required Strategic thought [1] is the online home of a wide array of strategy games. Some are well known in the gaming community others are obscure by almost anyone's standards. The primary goal of the site is to promote real time games between two humans. Most games have robots you can play and use for learning purposes but are not meant as a replacement for real head-to-head match ups. Each year the site hosts online tournaments in many of the games it has set up to play.


The site is the brain child of Dave Dyer who started it after he discovered Zertz. He played Zertz constantly via PBeM but after waiting over a year for a real time site to emerge he decided to construct one himself. Over the years the site has continued to focus on letting people play hard to find strategy games. The site is not tied to or funded by any gaming company and has no advertising and has always been completely free.

The games available at include Trax,[2] Palago,[3] Hive,[4] Zertz, Hex, Gobblet, GIPF and dozens more.


The site requires free registration to play. The user's system must have a Java client or a browser that supports the java plugin. Mobile apps for Android and iOS are available. All clients are play together on the same server.


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