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Boardwalk Records was a record label founded by Neil Bogart in 1980, after PolyGram acquired his Casablanca Records. The label had a huge hit act with Joan Jett before Bogart died of cancer in 1982. Other artists on the Boardwalk label included Curtis Mayfield, Ohio Players, Richard "Dimples" Fields, Chris Christian, Night Ranger, Ringo Starr, Sunrize, Mike Love, Get Wet, Phil Seymour, Tierra, Harry Chapin and the soundtrack to the 1982 film Megaforce.

Chris Christian was the first artist signed to Boardwalk. In late 1981, "I Want You I Need You" became a #37 Top 40 Billboard pop hit and Top 10 A/C hit for Christian. Robert Kardashian, Kim Kardashian's father, was Christian's manager and was responsible for signing Christian to Boardwalk. Robert Kardashian bought Christian's album from the estate and it is currently owned by YMC Records. A year after Bogart's death, the label eventually closed down.

Boardwalk Records was restarted as part of The Boardwalk Entertainment Group in 2010 by Neil Bogart's sons, Evan Kidd Bogart and Timothy Bogart, and their partner, Gary A. Randall. Boardwalk's current roster includes ZZ Ward,[1] Wallpaper.,[2] Nova Rockafeller[3] and, through partnership with Eman Kiriakou, MKTO.[4]

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