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Available in 8
Headquarters Norfolk, Virginia
Owner Apax Partners
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional
Launched 1999
Current status Online is a Norfolk, Virginia-based online advertising website.[1] In addition to Norfolk, has operations in Seattle, Washington, Fareham, Padova and Berlin.[2] The company has websites in 9 markets and 8 languages, listing over 350,000 boats in approximately 150 countries.


  •, Inc was founded in 1999, a private, venture capital funded business located at Pier 38, The Embarcadero, in San Francisco. In August, a venture capital funding round generated 21 million dollars second-round investment.[3]
  • January 2000,, Inc. agrees from The Cobalt Group (NASDAQ: CBLT) to acquire, a popular online yachting marketplace, the first Internet content deal within the boating industry.[4]
  • May 2004, British Marine Federation (BMF) support for European Marine Industry Web Awards.[5]
  • In September 2004,, Inc was purchased by Trader Publishing Company,[6] a joint business venture of Landmark Media Enterprises and Cox Enterprises.
  • September 2006, Landmark Media Enterprises and Cox Enterprises split the assets of Trader Publishing and YachtWorld became part of Dominion Marine Media, a subsidiary of Dominion Enterprises, LLC which was in turn a subsidiary of Landmark Media Enterprises.
  • January 2013, the Royal Yachting Association launched the RYA Classifieds service which is powered by[7]
  • February 17, 2017, parent of, Dominion Marine Media (DMM), is rebranded to Boats Group, LLC.[8]
  • Today, Sam Fulton is CEO at Boats Group which includes the leading marine brands of YachtWorld, Boat Trader,, Cosas de Barcos and YachtCloser.[9]


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