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Boatswain or bosun may refer to:

  • Boatswain (bird), any species of gull of the genus Stercorarius
  • Boatswain Bird Island, a small uninhabited island and nature reserve home to many endemic species of bird off the coast of Ascension Island
  • Bosun, the NATO reporting name for the Soviet Tupolev Tu-14 bomber
  • Bosun (dinghy) a type of sailing dinghy
  • Bosun's chair, a type of harness that allows a crewmember to climb into the rigging and work safely on the sails, halyards, or other rigging
  • Boatswain's call, a pipe or whistle used to issue commands onboard ship.
The arts
  • The Boatswain, a minor character in Shakespeare's The Tempest
  • Boatswain, a Newfoundland dog kept by Lord Byron, who honored him by the poem "Epitaph to a Dog"