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Bob's Discount Furniture
Industry Furniture retail
Founded 1991; 27 years ago (1991)
Founders Bob Kaufman
Gene Rosenberg[1]
Headquarters Manchester, Connecticut, U.S.
Number of locations
107 stores (August 2018)[2]
Area served
Key people
Edmond (Ted) J. English (Executive Chairman)
Michael Skirvin (President & CEO)[3][5]
Jeremy Aguilar CFO
Stephen Nesle (CMO)[6]
Michael Hoffman (EVP Marketing)[7]
John Weldon (SVP Store Operations)[8]
Products Furniture, Bedding, Mattresses
Revenue Increase US$ 1.1 billion (2016)[9]
Owner Bain Capital[10][11][12][13]
Number of employees
2,500 (2011)[14]

Bob's Discount Furniture is an American furniture store headquartered in Manchester, Connecticut. Bob's Discount Furniture was founded in 1991 with its first store in Newington, Connecticut[1] and is ranked 12th in sales among United States furniture stores according to Furniture Today's list of Top 100 Furniture Stores.[15] As of May 2018, the company has 99 stores in 16 states, primarily in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and West Coast.


In 1976, future company co-founder Bob Kaufman was injured in a motorcycle accident. He discovered the benefits of a waterbed for recuperation.[1][16] The experience inspired Kaufman to become involved with waterbed sales, and during the 1980s, he rented space in 24 New England stores for selling waterbeds.[1][16] By 1990, waterbed sales had dwindled, and Kaufman partnered with Gene Rosenberg, owner of Wholesale Furniture, where Kaufman had rented space for waterbed sales. Rosenberg acquired a building in Newington, Connecticut that was previously owned by a furniture company that had become bankrupt.[1][16] In 1991, the Newington, Connecticut location became the first Bob's Discount Furniture store.[1][14][16] The company was initially co-owned by Rosenberg (two-thirds) and Kaufman (one-third).[1] As time progressed, the company expanded to additional locations, often acquiring buildings that had been vacated by tenants bankrupted during the recession.[1] By 1997, the company operated a dozen stores in Connecticut and two in western Massachusetts.[1] The company's ability to grow during its early years in spite of unfavorable economic conditions has been partially attributed to the extensive use of commercials.[1][14] In early 2005, the investment firm Saunders Karp & Megrue acquired 70 percent ownership of Bob's Discount Furniture. Subsequently, Saunders Karp & Megrue was acquired by Apax Partners Worldwide in March 2005.[11][12][13][14]

In November 2006, Ted English, former president and CEO of TJX Companies, became the CEO of Bob's Discount Furniture, replacing Stan Adelstein, who became chairman.[5][17][18] Adelstein retired in April 2013, with English taking over as chairman.[19] In late 2006, Bob's Discount Furniture expanded into Rhode Island, New Jersey, and New York. English led Bob's into its expansion further south into Maryland and Virginia.[17][20] In Q1 of 2014, Bob's Discount Furniture was acquired by Bain Capital, with the current management team continuing to own a significant stake in the company as a part of that deal.[21][22]

In 2016, Michael Skirvin was promoted from president and COO to president and CEO, replacing English, who remained with Bob’s Discount Furniture as executive chairman.[23]

Bob's Discount Furniture store in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania


As of 1997, the company broadcast roughly 500 commercials a week in Connecticut on network and cable television stations.[1] By 2006, the commercials had become common during broadcasts of Boston Red Sox and New York Mets games.[24] The commercials usually feature company president Bob Kaufman, typically wearing jeans and a golf shirt or turtleneck, and have also included Bob's Discount Furniture employees such as Cathy Poulin, the company's Director of Public Relations.[25][5][14][26][27] “Little Bob,” a miniature version of Bob Kaufman, frequently appears in the company’s commercials.[28] The advertisements are frequently described as prolific,[29] wacky and goofy often containing catch phrases describing their “untouchable value.”[28]

Bob's Discount Furniture is also an official sponsor for several professional sports teams, including the Washington Redskins, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Galaxy.[30][3][31][32][17]

Stores and products[edit]

Bob’s Discount Furniture has stores located in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Wisconsin.[33] The company expanded to the West Coast in February 2018.[34]

Bob’s Discount Furniture locations include an in-store cafe with complimentary refreshments.[35][36][37] Some stores also have a back room with products that are considered imperfect; this area is called “The Outlet.”

Community involvement[edit]

Bob's Discount Furniture donates over $2.75 million per year to charitable causes through two initiatives, the Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation and Bob’s Outreach program.[38] Programs are led by Bob Kaufman and Bob's commercial sidekick, Cathy Poulin, Director of Outreach and Public Relations. Through these efforts, the company supports several organizations each year, including March of Dimes, Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters, Family & Children’s Aid, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Autism Speaks[39], the Special Olympics,[40] Save the Children,[41] and Camp Rising Sun.[42][43]

Bob's Discount Furniture has sponsored blood drives in partnership with sports teams like the New England Patriots[44] and the New York Giants,[45] and the company has been recognized by the American Red Cross for its blood drives and financial contributions to the organization.[46][47] The company has also been involved in food drives and charity walks, and conducts a "Celebrate the Arts Contest" to provide grants to regional schools.[48][49][50]

In December 2008, Bob's Discount Furniture donated a household full of furniture to the family in Voluntown, Connecticut receiving an ABC Extreme Home Makeover.[51]

In response to the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, Bob's Discount Furniture and its employees provided relief assistance. The company provided food, clothing and relief supplies as well as the trucks to deliver the items.[52]

Café Collections for a Cause[edit]

At each Bob’s Discount Furniture Café, a statue of Bob collects thousands of dollars from its customers for a different non-profit charity each quarter. Each year, Bob’s collects, matches and presents 100% of these donations to four charities: Autism Speaks,[53][54] Save the Children,[55] Pajama Program[56] and Special Olympics.[57]

Bob’s Golf Outing[edit]

In 1987, Bob’s Discount Furniture began Bob’s Golf Outing. Money raised from the event goes directly to a number of non-profit charities, including Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters, Family & Children’s Aid, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, and Camp Rising Sun.[58]


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